Monday 1/17/17

After much procrastination, here is my first post.

Normally I would have a cardio session in the morning, but the citywide panic over Winter Storm Jupiter made me nervous about the roads enough to move it to Thursday morning.

Since my focus is preparing for the Crossfit Open I am doing the majority of my lifting in metcons. Monday I had some typical strength work for Clean & Jerk and Snatch (each with a 20 min time cap).

50% x 3

60% x 3

70% x 2

75% 2 x 2

80% x 1

85% x 1

88 x 1

I missed one snatch at 85% (170lbs) but other than that everything went well. I chose not to wear my olympic shoes for a little variety and spice.

After the lifting it was time to do “Karen.” For those who don’t know, Karen is a Crossfit benchmark workout consisting of 150 wallballs for time. Since it shares a name with my mother it always makes me a special kind of nervous and also anxious to prove my financial independence. This time I chose to attack it by sets of 25 with about 10 seconds of rest between sets. I ended up at 5:45, which is a 50 PR for me from last time I tested it about 3 months ago.

Thanks for reading!

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