Morning session:

3 x 1,000 meter row with 4 minutes rest between


1 rep max back squat

Back squat felt pretty good, I don’t think I have gone over 300 in awhile so it was great to get 355, which is close to my all time best at 365.

4 rounds for time:

500 meter row

Bear complex at 95 lbs

1 min rest between rounds

We did the old school version of the bear complex: power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press for 7 rounds without ever removing your hands on the bar. If you would take your hands of the bar you have to start the 7 rounds all over again. I got this in 19:30, my transitions were too slow so next time I will get to the barbell faster off the rower.



21 push press @ 95

400 meter run

18 push press

400 meter run

15 push press

400 meter run

12 push press

400 meter run


3 front squat + 2 push jerk + 1 split jerk

Push jerk was definitely the weak point on this for me, as you can see I look like one of those wacky inflatable tube men.

Bench press 4 x 10 @ 125 lbs

Other assorted lifting and accessories that I don’t feel like typing out.



30 min max calories on assault bike, 1 min max effort 1 min recovery pace

This was horrible. No other way to describe it. 100% suck. I was aiming for 300 calories, ended up at 284, contemplated my awful existence due to crippling disappointment. Thoughts while on the bike, “I want to die. If I quit now no one will know. Ill just make up a score. I am dying. This is the end. Oh my god it has only been 10 minutes. My legs are failing. Do I really want to be an athlete? How is it only 12 minutes? I am going to freak out. This is probably a panic attack.” Try this out if you hate yourself.


Tabata Ground and Pound

A throwback to my MMA days. It’s great to hit the grappling dummy, but would be better if it were an actual live person. For me anyway.

12 min AMRAP

6 squat snatch @ 95 lbs

12 chest to bar

24 double under

Got right under 6 rounds. Chest to bars continue to be my weak link. Hopefully I can improve them more by the open.



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