Workout 6/5/13

Obviously if you are a Crossfitter, then do Barbara. If not, don’t! If you are strictly a weightlifter, you can skip bench press and Barbara. The program is an outline that works for anyone, just tailor it to your specific goals.

Wednesday(Crossfit work on Hand Stands & Contrasting Sled Sprints)

Clean & J 60×3+1,65×3+1,70×3+1,75×3+1×3(inc. weight if able)

Front Squats 75x4x5

Snatch Pulls from Box 105-130%x3x4
ME Bench Max Triple 3 Board, 95×1(chest), max
Bench 5/3/1 60/3,70/3,80/3+

Plate Raises/8 ss Dips/10×3-5

Or Crossfit

5 rounds for time, resting 3 mins between each round:
20 Pull-ups,
30 Push-ups,
40 Sit-ups,
50 Squats.

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