Will You Jump or Cower?


So there I was 15 years old standing on the edge of a cliff, 40 feet in the air, 1 am pitch black, and staring down into a black abys. I knew somewhere at the end of the darkness there was water to catch me. However, I didn’t know what was floating in the water. I just knew that somehow fate had brought me to this point. I was with my best friend, KJ, and a few of our other mountain buddies. Everyone except KJ and I had already backed away in fear of the unknown.

KJ and I

KJ and I!

Crazy thoughts ran through my head! Will I live? Is the water cold? How will I get out? But then all of a sudden that deep burning sensation from that unknown realm of my body took over like it had so many times! Suddenly fear was overcome with confidence. Insecurity was overcome by a passion to be different. All of a sudden I was glad that my friends were afraid, and I knew that this was a moment that would separate us forever. I decided that fear would never rule my life! KJ and I looked at each other, smiled, and then back flipped into the darkness!

I am for sure not saying to jump off a cliff, but I am saying that taking risk in life is much the same. Will you jump off your cliff, or will you cower like the rest of the sheep? Nothing incredible is accomplished by playing it safe in life. I decided at that moment when I was 15 years old that I would never be one of the sheep. I decided that I would be the lion!

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