Wedneday – December 28th, 2016

No Olympic Work today. I needed a mental break from the frustrations of trying to perform the lifts from my knees. Instead I just did a good ole fashion bro session.

Bro Session – Chest and Tris

  • Bench up to 5RM at 65kgs then 2×5 60kgs (5 Rep PR for sure)
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench 5×10 40lbs
  • Bottoms up KB Incline bench 5x5e 30lbs
  • Rolling DB tricep Ext 3×15 20lbs + Pushups 3×10
  • Bench dips 3×15 + Band Pushdowns 3×20 (red)


  • Nordic Hamstrings 3×5

These are really hard and need a lot of work, but I think they will end up being a really good way to work my hamstrings without putting any pressure on my ankle.


  • Curlups 3x30s each + Planks 3×1:00

I’ve been slacking on my core lately, due to lack of energy at the end of my training sessions. I need to get more consistent with this! However, when I’m healthy, a majority of my core work consists of various kinds of carries, which I’m unable to do currently.

Body weight: 63.5kgs

Days Until I get to start walking: 19


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