Movement, Mobility, and How to UnWOD yourself with PT Chris Wash – The Barbell Life 212

We all love the feeling of getting under a heavy barbell and pushing our body to the limit. Even better is breaking through those limits and getting stronger!

But the reality is that pushing your body to the limit can lead to getting hurt. That’s true for any athletic endeavor.

Chris Wash is an awesome physical therapist and he’s here with us today to talk about doing what we can to keep you from getting hurt – and then doing what we can to get you healthy again if you do get hurt. He worked with Coach Crystal McCullough on her back issues, and this guy is not your average PT.

Protocols for Aches and Pains, Muscular Imbalances & Recovery

Work Harder. Train Longer. Prevent Injury.

Prevent injury, reduce pain and maintain joint health with Travis's specific corrections for your individual muscular imbalances.

He also has strong opinions (and some incredibly smart ones) on mobility. If you go about mobility in the wrong way, you can set yourself up for some serious problems down the line.

Listen in to this one to find out how to do it in the right way.



  • THE absolute MOST important mobility aspect that will keep you healthy and safe (even more important than technique)
  • How he would prevent his double knee replacement surgery if he could start again
  • The rounded back – really that bad?
  • Why feeling pain doesn’t matter – and what does
  • When flexibility could be the worst thing for you
  • and more…

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