W2D1 Mon 1/9

I didn’t have too much time so I just did what I could.

  1. Jerk Steps from Split
    • 50kg x3 , 70kg 3×3
  2. Cn & J from blocks, bar at knee
    • 130 3×3, 140 2×2, 150 1×2+1, 155 1×1+1
    • no misses; the reps at 150+ actually felt better than the 130 and 140 sets
  3. No Hook Pow Cn from blocks
    • these felt so weird. Program called for me to start at 120×3 but it just wouldn’t budge. Added a hook and easy. Ended up lowering it and just getting some in.
    • 70×3, 90×3, 100×3,105×3 – easy but had to go train a client

Originally was going to get my squats in after but I was just too warmed down and super hungry.  Standing up cleans and jerking is feeling a lot heavier than these weights should be.  I know that from my squat being so down right now so I NEED to get those in.

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