W1D4 – Th 1/5

Body feels sore but in a good way.  Trained at night after all was done for the day.

  1. OH Squat up to 75% of Sn 3×5
    • 135lbs x3 / 185 x3 /225 3×5
  2. Unilateral Farmers Carry 3x40yds each
    • kept these light with only 115lbs, still building back
  3. Landmine Around the Worlds 3×8 each
  4. GHR to parallel, paused 2sec on top and bottom 3×8

When I got done I felt awesome.  It’s great to have that post training feeling again.  Nothing heavy or hard yet, but I’m happy to get my work capacity up again.  Going into tomorrow I am not expecting much for a Friday lift.  My attitude for this training cycle is going to be no misses.  I don’t need to hit anything heavy now, but I do need to cultivate that whole consistency thing.

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