Two Ways to Grow with Mash Elite

Two Ways to Grow with Mash Elite

One of my defined purposes with Mash Elite Performance is passing on my knowledge to all of you. I want to help all of you become successful in the areas that you choose, while avoiding the majority of mistakes that I made along the way. I think that all of us should have this desire in some form or fashion. It’s a way of leaving the world better than you found it, or at least having that intent.

I remember being in my twenties and thirties trying to make a name for myself in the strength and fitness world. I wanted nothing more than to start a business focused on my passions. Man did I ever beat my head against the wall trying to deal with the struggle. Back then it was way tougher to start a business in the fitness industry. I was coming up before the CrossFit boom and before social media. The avenues that we have today simply didn’t exist. You had to work harder and be way smarter in that era.

Fast-forward to now and almost anyone can scrape together $20,000 and start a CrossFit Box or Barbell Club. The problem now isn’t getting in the door. The problem is staying in business. Boxes are going out of business daily. Owners are burning out, and they are starting to hate the one thing that they used to love. It’s a sad state because these were people dead set on helping others, but the rat race has chewed them up and is trying to spit them out.

I want to help people like this. I want to help people that desire to get into the fitness business to help them avoid a lot of pitfalls. At Mash Elite Performance we’ve come up with two different solutions.

Mash Affiliate Program– this program started with Undisputed Strength and Conditioning in Eagan, MN. The owner Vinh Huynh has helped me build our incredible National Weightlifting Team coaching three of our International Team Members this year. He also has an amazing head for business specializing in social media, marketing, web design, and growth strategies. Vinh will head this program up. I will still be involved, but he will help develop the curriculum and make sure that I am where I’m supposed to be.

We’ve needed someone like Vinh to perfect the program, and that’s why we closed the registration for a while. I am confident that we are going to crush it now.

Here is what we will be offering with the new program:

1. Unlimited Access to Programming Library
• Powerlifting
• Weightlifting
• SuperTotal
• CrossFit
• Strength and Conditioning

2. Monthly Conference Calls and a Library of Archives
• Marketing
• Social Media
• Facebook Ads
• Forming Culture
• Recruiting Athletes/Members
• At Risk Program
• Growing your business
• Programming
• Q&A

3. Branding
• Link on Website
• Access to Logo for Apparel

4. Published Articles on Website
• Accepted articles
• Relevant
• With Plugs

5. Affiliate Certification

6. Yearly Masterminds/Gatherings

7. Facebook Group with scheduled activities

We are working on some really cool things, but I want to wait to see us get these things rolling before I announce. I think that our current affiliates are going to love the changes that we are about to make. Now that we have Vinh to structure the program, we are going to have more value than any other type of affiliation.

To find out more, click on the link below:

Mash Affiliate Program

Mash Mentorship Program

I am excited about this program because of the personal relationships that will be formed. We will spend four days together training, coaching, talking business, taking trips, talking family, and end each day around a fire simply talking. We tested this out at the Mash Strength Spectacular, and people stayed until midnight asking questions and discussing answers. It was a beautiful time together.

Here’s what to expect:

• Training together
• Coaching the Mash Team together (technique, correcting mistakes, programming, and more)
• Business talks (growth, getting started, cash flow, marketing, social media, and more)
• Trips- I want to let the mentorship group see exactly where I come from. I want them to understand. I think that a trip into the mountains will open up room for much deeper conversations.
• Ending each day with Q&A around a fire.

Basically I want to make sure that the mentorship group learns exactly what they want to learn. We will send each person that signs up a survey to see what they are hoping to learn, and then we will form the mentorship around those answers.

We are going to keep this group small. I am thinking about 3-4 for the first one. I just want to make sure that it is an intimate experience, and I want the attendees to leave the mentorship filled with ideas and knowledge.

To find out more, click on the link below:

Mash Mentorship Group

By the way both of these programs profits will 100% go towards funding our non-profit Weightlifting Team and help to build the at-risk program. For more on that, check out today’s earlier article: “Starting a non-profit”

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