Training Log – Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

*First off, please say a prayer for or send happy thoughts to Coach Travis as he is having surgery this morning to repair his torn tricep tendon.

Now, on to my training log….

There was a time when I didn’t have to question whether my hips got below parallel or whether my chest stayed up. Then, in 2014, I jacked my back and hamstrings up quite bad and had to step away from training and into a world of constant pain for 4 months. When I came back from that injury, I ended up with tighter ankles, calves, and hips than I ever experienced prior to that injury. I’ve worked hard to get my numbers back up (higher actually) than they were prior to injury. Where I lack is in flexibility/mobility. It is always the last thing I do, so, if I run out of time, it doesn’t get done. That is something I am working at being better with. As an athlete, I know it is just as important to work on those recovery aspects like sleep, nutrition, stress, and mobility. All this helps with recovery and staying healthy. As a coach, I want to lead by example! I am a work in progress. I say all of this because I am very proud of where my positioning has been on both my front squats and back squats lately! I know I still have a ways to go, but progress is progress 🙂 Let’s see, once I get back into the Oly lifts, if it translates over.

  • High Bar Back Squat 1 rm w/3 second pause – worked my way to 270#/123k (which may be a PR with a pause on HB)

  • followed by -20% for 3×3 (last set 3+). Hit 215#/98k for 15 reps on that last down set!!! I felt very speedy out of the hole. Also felt like I could have kept going; legs were fine. Cardio, not so much. LOL

  • Squat bottoms starting at 60% working to a 5rm then -10% for 5 – worked up to 235#/107k which is a PR for me on this movement then 210# for down set.
  • Deadlifts 3rm (3 second pause at knee on first rep) – worked my way up to 305#/139k no belt. Then -10% for 2×3 no pause at 275#/125k.

  • Unilateral RDLs with 70# KB 4×5

BW: 71.7k (woke up lighter than yesterday)

Next meet: April 8

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