Training Log – Saturday, February 4, 2017

Finished out Week 5 at the Mash Compound. Went in earlier than the weightlifting team so we could get back home at a decent time. Was excited for a couple of our other powerlifters to be there training as well. Kevin Nason is one strong dude and excited to be competing at Battle of the Border with Brehesner on April 8. He’s gonna kill it! Excited for the day when Michael, Zaw, Myo, and Drew can get in and train at the same time!! 🙂

Saturday 2/4 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press

  • Set 1 – 160#/72.7k  x3 rest 2 minutes 125#/57k x8
  • Set 2 – 164.4#/74.7k x3 rest 2 minutes 135#/61.4k x8
  • Set 3 – 167#/76k PR x3 rest 2 minutes 140#/63.6k x8

I am intentionally making small jumps each week with my bench press. It is my most inconsistent of the 3, so very excited to be hitting these high numbers so close to my known max consistently. It took me to week 3 to get that 3rd rep on 165#/75k, so to hit 166# last week and 167# this week gives me such hope for a good showing at my meet in 9 weeks!!

Accessory Work:

  • DB tricep extension w/25#DB 6×8 ss Banded pulldowns w/medium band 6×15 (resting 30seconds b/t sets)
  • Fat bar curls 3×10 w/24k/52.8#
  • Bent over rows (underhanded to target lats) w/24k/52.8# ss Banded pull aparts w/light band 3×10+10

It has been a great week!! Making small gains weekly is the name of the game for me 🙂 So far, mission is being accomplished. On to Week 6!!

Headed out today to take advantage of this beautiful Spring like weather. If you need me, I’ll be where at my featured pic 🙂

And ‘Happy Super Bowl Day?’

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