Training Log – Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 7!! 8 weeks out from my next meet (Battle on the Border – Fort Mill, SC)

Legs felt great considering I trained over the weekend, including Sunday. I was a little concerned if I would start the week out sore.

High Bar Back Squats

  • Step 1 – (60% straight weight + 25% band tension) 4×5 with 60 seconds rest b/t sets; 170#/77k
  • Step 2 – build to a heavy double with bands; 235#/107k (10# more than last week!)

  • Step 3 – take bands off and hit 2rm – worked up to 280#/127k and stopped. This was 15# more than last week and felt great and fast while still keeping my torso upright.


  • 10 x 1 with 2 second pause at knee and at mid-thigh; start at 70% building to <88%
  • 250#-260#-265#-270#-275#-280#-285#-290#-300#-310#/141k NO BELT

Deadlifts felt great today!!! ss with box jumps (focusing on height and landing at parallel) 3×3 at 20″

Accessory Work:

  • GHD Back Extensions 3×8
  • BB Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats 3×8 each leg with 80# (RPE8)

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