Training Log – End of Week 7 at the Mash Compound

Finished up my Days 5 and 6 of Week 7 at the Mash Compound. I absolutely love when I get these 2 days up there! The energy, coaching, and camaraderie is the SHIZ!

Friday 1/17 DAY 5

Mash Method Squats – I have 2 days of high bar this training block, so this is my low bar day!

  • 2-6-2-6-2-6
  • Set 1: 88% (127k/279.4#) x 2 Rest 2 minutes 73% (106k/233.2#) x 6
  • Set 2: 132k/290.4# x 2 Rest 2 minutes 111k/244.2# x 6
  • Set 3: 138k/303.6# x 2 PR Rest 2 minutes 116k/255.2 x 6

The last set felt great!!! I have one more week of this rep scheme, so looking for 305+ for a double!


Deadlifts Max Effort 5rm off 8″ blocks – worked my way to 315#/143k with NO Belt, which is 10# more than last week. Where this bar sits is right at my sticking point. The start here is slow and then gets fast.

Accessory Work:

  • KB deadlift band hip extensions 3 x 1 minute w/40# KBs
  • Farmer Walk  3 x 30 yards w/70# KBs
  • Plank w/lat pull 3 x 30 seconds each side

Saturday 2/18 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press

  • 2-6-2-6-2-6
  • Set 1: 88% (155#) x 2 Rest 2 minutes 73% (127.2#) x 6
  • Set 2: 165# x 2 Rest 2 minutes 137.2# x 6
  • Set 3: 172.2# x 2 PR Rest 2 minutes 147.2# x 6

I need to work on a definite pause when I get to this weight. The set 0f 6 has a better pause than the non-existent pause on my set of 2. :/

Accessory Work:

  • Nosebreakers (45#) 6×8 ss OH banded tricep extensions 6×15; resting 30 seconds b/t sets
  • Hammer Curls 3×10 w/20# DBs
  • Rows (Bent over BB w/75#) ss DB rear delt flies (15#) 3×10+10

Travis and I had a conversation at dinner a few weeks ago where I brought up Julien from StrongFit and how I would love to spend a week getting trained by him. Travis’ response was “no reason to go there, I could make you puke here.” I asked if he could speak to me in a French accent. 🙂 Saturday, he didn’t make me puke, but after my training session, he did put me through a conditioning piece with Carson Newman incoming Freshman football player, Matt. He had me do  a 10 minute AMRAP of: Sled push 40 yds, Bear Crawl 40 yds, Lunge 40 yds. Each time, he added a little more weight to the sled. I hit 3 rounds here. I rested 5 minutes and repeated. The sled was heavier!! I got 2 rounds plus 1/2 sled push on the second go around. My legs were smoked!! Loved it!!

Always enjoy our time up at the Compound!! Morgan is back to lifting as well after taking 3+ weeks off from training. He’s prepping for Youth Nationals in August.

Next meet: April 8

Current Weight: 72.4k


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