Training Log – End of the week Mash Method

Got a little behind on last week’s training log, so playing catch up this morning. It was so good to get in my full 6 days of training last week and finish strong on my squats and bench press. At the end of this training week, I was 4 week out from my next meet.

Friday, March 10 Day 5

Mash Method Low Bar Back Squats – I started out 10# heavier than last week and ended 10# heavier than last week 🙂 and I was at Westside Barbell last week, while I was in my garage this week!

  • Set 1 285# x 1 Rest 2 minutes 235# x 5
  • Set 2 300# x 1 Rest 2 minutes 250# x 5
  • Set 3 310#/141k x 1 Rest 2 minutes 260#/118k x 5

Deadlifts from 8″ Blocks 1rm – I think my body was just smoked from the heavy deadlifts (including the 3rm PR on Wednesday). Worked my way to 315#/143k and stopped. Didn’t get a video cause I didn’t know I was going to stop there :/

Due to time, I bypassed my accessory work and planned on hitting it later. Never got back to it.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press

  • Set 1 – 160# x 1 Rest 2 minutes 135# x 5
  • Set 2 – 170#/77k  x 1 Rest 2 minutes 145# x 5
  • Set 3 – 180# x 1 Fail Rest 2 minutes 155# x 5 (managed 3)

**Bench press has gotten to be frustrating for me lately. I have managed to hit 170# twice this last week (once in close grip and once in competition grip). My consistency with the higher percentages has been on point lately, which I am thankful for! I’m just so ready to break through that 175# ceiling!! Persistence is key here, so good thing I am persistent 🙂

Accessory Work:

  • Nosebreakers (45#) 6×8 ss OH banded tricep extensions 6×15 (rest 30 sec b/t sets)
  • DB Hammer Curls 3×10 (15#)
  • Rows (Underhanded – 75#) ss DB rear delt flies (15#) 3×10+10

It was a great week despite the frustration at times. Officially 4 weeks out from my meet!



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