Training for Wednesday, January 25, 2017

So far, so good on posting daily! 🙂

If I thought my legs were trashed Tuesday, they were definitely trashed yesterday! Was seriously contemplating ‘going light’ and calling it a day…. Instead, decided to go by feel and see how the legs adjusted through each set.

Being that I am focused on powerlifting, I low bar two times a week and high bar once a week. It amazes me every time how the placement of the bar makes such a difference AND I don’t even place my low bar that low….after having a conversation with Michael Black (one of our rock star powerlifters), my low bar is his high bar!!! LOL

3rm High Bar Back Squat, then -10% for 3+. Worked my way up to 255# and, of course, sent it to Morgan for his ‘review’. His response was “GO UP… 275#”! Some days, I wonder why I even ask. LOL. When the kid says to do it, I do it. Wouldn’t want him to think I don’t think I can. Sets a bad example for doubting myself, right? So, here is 275#/125k for 3, which is a 3rm PR on high bar 🙂 I was feeling some pressure in the right side of my lower back after this set, so only hit 3 reps on my downset at 245#/111k.

ss this with 3×5 prisoner jump squats focusing on maximal height.

Accessory Work:

  • Squat Bottoms 8rm, then -10% for 8 – worked up to 220#/100k (5# more than last week), with downset at 200#/91k.
  • 2″ Deficit RDLS w/bands 3×8 working to RPE 7-8 – stood on 35# bumper with red band across barbell and under feet to create the resistance. Sets were 145#-165#-185#/84k (shown). I rarely use straps, but chose to use them on this movement.
  • Unlateral RDLs w/53# KB 3×8 each leg – I can definitely tell a difference between my left and right side. My right side has less balance, which is also the side with the nagging quad issue….

Went to see my chiropractor, Dr. Kuhns, post training for some much needed work. Trying to get my quads to finally loosen up!

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