Training for 1/9-1/11 – Crystal McCullough

Good news is my back is better!! The pain was short-lived and I was able to train through it last week (smartly!).

Great start to the week thus far!! Hitting numbers I didn’t hit until LATE in my last training cycle, so pumped to see where this next 12 weeks takes me leading into my April meet 🙂

I am in Week 2 of this training cycle.

Monday 1/9 Day 1

A. Low Bar Back Squat w/belt for 5rm with 3 second pause on first rep – worked my way up to 265#/111k, which is 10# more than last week. Down sets were 3×5 with last set being 5+ at 225#/102k.

Hit 10 reps there and legs decided they were just done.

B. Deadlift 70% 10×1 up to <85% paused 2 seconds 2″ off the floor and at the knee – honestly, I was concerned here because this is where I wrecked my back last week. I literally had to turn my brain off and go. Started at 250#/114k and worked up to 300#/136.3k, where I stayed on the lower spectrum % wise longer. Hit the numbers I missed last week and then some.


ss with Box jumps 5×3 at 24″ focusing on height and a strong landing at parallel.

Accessory work:

BB elevated hip thrusts 3×8 at 115# with axle

BB lunges at RPE8 3×10 each leg at 75#

Tuesday 1/10 Day 2

A. Front Squat w/belt 1rm w/5 second pause at RPE7 – Worked up to 203#/92k, which is way more than my back let me do last week.

B. Bench Press 5rm (5 second pause EACH rep) – top set was same as last week at 140#/63.6k, but the pauses were much more legit and presses were more solid. Ignore my commentary LOL


Down sets were 3×5 with last set being 5+ at 120#/54.5k. Hit 11 reps, which is 1 more than last week!

Accessory work:

CG floor press w/25# of chains for 8rm then -10% for 8 – hit 115# plus the chains then downset of 8 at 105#.

DB p cleans seated 3×12 at 15# – trying not to use momentum with these and isolating upper body.

BB rows paused 2 seconds at sternum 3×10 with 75#

OH axle carries 3x40yd with 95# – the turn I had to make twice each set was the hardest part. lol

Wednesday 1/11 Day 3

A. High Bar Back Squat 3rm w/3 second pause first rep – Worked up to 255#/116k, which is 10# more than last week.

Down sets were 3×3 with last set being 3+ at 230#/104.5k. Hit 10 reps and called it.

ss w/prisoner squat jumps (focusing on height) 4×5

Accessory work:

Squat bottoms 8rm then -10% for 8 – worked up to 205#/93k, which is 40# more than I was able to do last week. Down set at 185#/84k.

2″ deficit RDLs w/band 3×8 working to RPE 8-9 – hit 155#, 175#, and threw on straps for 195# (and my video didn’t work on it..grr)

Unilateral RDLs 3×8 – used 53# KB

We head up to the Mash Compound on Friday for the weekend! Got some Mash Method on the menu for Friday and Saturday. Plus, going to be hanging out working a booth at the War of the WODs in Greensboro, so come by and say hi!!


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