Thursday – Feb 2nd, 2017

Week 9 Post Ankle Surgery.

Thursdays lately have been all about that shoulder pump, and of course pressing strength. I’ve always loved a good shoulder pump. One of my favorite muscle groups to build. Next week I get to try light push presses! I’m super excited to add the dip and drive back in. I’ve always had a pretty strong push press, so I’m curious to see if that will still be the case.

  • Hang Muscle Snatch 5×5 35kgs
  • Strict press up to 3RM at 53kgs then 50×3, 45×5, 40×5, 35×10
  • Press in the split position 5×5 35kgs
    • I did these last week with 25kgs. This week I felt much more solid and stable in my position. I guess my body just needed a little reminder.


  • Shoulder Pump Session – 3 Rounds
    • Lat Raise x10 +
    • Front Raise x10+
    • Rear Delt flys x10+
    • DB clean and press x10
  • Front plate raise 3×10 10kg +
    • Lateral Plate raise x10 2.5kg

Days until my next doc appointment: 25

Bodyweight: 62.5


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