This Week’s Training Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

As you can tell this workout is all encompassing. BBd stands for Bodybuilders, and even though we have some Bodybuilders they do the Olympic lifts, they squat hard, and they really have the hardest workout. All of our advanced athletes do the Olympic lifts, and even most of our Powerlifters do the Olympic lifts. The Crossfit section is just for our Crossfitters, so they basically cut out a little of the Olympic assistance work for their Met Cons.

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Week 6 June 30th to July 6th

Monday (BB Legs Dominated)

Snatch 90×1, 80x2x3(work up if able)(BBd 90×1, 80×2)

Squats wk5 95×1, 77x3x2, 52x4x1(3 sec pause)(BBd 62% x 20)
Box Jumps/5 x 2-3

Clean Pulls 105%x3x6(work up to 80% of DL)(BBd Reg BB Lunges/10 ss RDLs w chains/8 x 4)
Standing Millitary Press HS, 75x3x2

GHRs ss Plank Core Work x 5(BB GHRS/10 ss Bulgarian Split squats/10 ea x3)

Or crossfit

12 minutes AMRAP
100′ Burpee Broad Jumps
100′ OH Walking Lunges (45/25lb plate)

Tuesday (BB Back Dominated)

Cleans from Box HS, 80×3
Jerks Heavy single, 75x3x2

Pull-ups weightedx 5-8, 1 arm cable Rows/10-15 x 3(BB 5 sets)
(BB BB Bentover Rows/10 ss Heavy DB Pullovers/8 ss TRX Facebusters/12x 5)

or Crossfit
5 Rounds AFAP
Push Press/6 135/105lbs
KB Swings/10 50/35 lb

Wednesday(BB Chest & Arms)

Clean & J 90×1+1, 80×2+1×3(work up)(BBd 90×1+1, 80×2+1×1)

Front Squats 70×3,75×3,80×3,85×3(BBd)

Snatch Pulls from Box 105-130%x3x4
ME Bench 1 Board Max Triple, 92.5%/max attempts
Bench 5/3/1 60/3,70/3,80/3+(BB 60%/15)

Snatch Grip Presses/8 ss Dips/10×3-5 (BBd)

(BBd Band Presses/20 ss TRX Flies/15 x4)
(BBd Fat Bar Curls/10 ss Smith Curls/10 x 4)

Or Crossfit
5 Rounds for Time:
Thrusters/10 95/65lb
Burpee & Side Roll/10

Thursday (Delt oriented)
Snatch from Box HS, 80%x3(BB off)
OH Squat HS,80%x3 (BB off)

(BBd Fat Bar Standing Push Presses/8 x 4)
(BBd Full Lateral Raises/10 ss Plate Raises/10 x 4)

Friday (BB legs dominated)
Max Snatch (25 minutes)
Max Clean & J (25 minutes)

Back Squat max single with 50-60lbs of chain, 85% of bar weight plus chainx3x3(BBd 55%/25)

(BBd DB Racked Position Walking Lunges/15 ea leg ss Elevated BB Hip Ups/15 ss TRX Leg Curls/15 x 4)


5K for Time

Saturday (BB Upper Dominated)

Hang Clean to Clean & Jerk max(5 total work sets)BBd skip

Front Squats 85x5x2(BBd)

Fat Bar Bench HS, 88x2x3
3 Board Bench Max Single, 95% to chestx1, max to chest, 83%x5

(BBd only CG Bench with Chains/8 ss Push-up over Med Ball/20 x 4)

DL Max Double off a High Box(BBd)

Push Press HS, 75x3x2 (BBd ss Nosebreakers/10×3)

GHRs and BB Hip Ups (BBd skip)



20 min AMRAP:
5 Handstand push-ups,
10 1-legged squats (alternating),
15 pull-ups.

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