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Cory Gregory, the Co-Founder of Muscle Pharm, is a guy that lives it. Not only has he helped grow one of the largest supplement companies in the world, but also the guy still pounds the gym every morning. He earned my respect when I found out that he had started in the coalmines. My grandfather retired from the coalmines of West Virginia, so I get it. This man used the coalmines to save enough money to buy his first gym, and that same work ethic helped him build his empire.

Hard work! I get that! I admire and respect that. When I found out that he was a powerlifter and a bodybuilder that still found time to compete, then I knew right then that I wanted to know him. Too many people work in this industry that have no idea what it is like to work in that gym day in and day out with a goal of greatness. Cory gets it, and still lives it even though he has made it.

This quality is rare in America. Most people would get lazy when their company exploded like Cory’s. Not this guy, he actually loves it. A guy like this doesn’t develop a second rate workout. He used principles from Louie Simmons and Coach Broz to develop his squat everyday plan. Of course I wanted to try it.

I’ll be honest here. I wasn’t 100% going into the program. I broke world records squatting twice per week. Also at 42-years-old I was wondering how I would be able to recover from such frequent volume. However, I wanted to give it a try. I love adventure especially in the name of strength.

I started out slowly, which I think is an important key to the whole thing rolling smoothly. However in week 2 I turned up the numbers on all my lifts. What I found was amazing:

• My hips felt better.
• My whole body felt and moved better.
• 95%+ weights moved easily.
• Heavy weights didn’t hurt!
• I was PRing in my Olympic lifts with lower than ever volume!

I don’t know what to think about the initial findings. All that I can say is that I am going to stick with this plan for a long time. Here is an outline that I am using for my entire program:

Front squat no belt with pause
Snatch EMOMs from Blocks

Front Squat with belt and pause
Cleans from Blocks

Back Squat with belt and pause
Bench Press

Front squat with belt and no pause

Back Squat with belt and no pause
Clean & Jerk

Front Squat deload
Deadlift EMOMs

Max Thruster and down sets

I am doing extra gymnastics work and upper body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I do my lower body accessory work on Tuesday and Thursday. I am also doing cardio or HIIT Training 2-3 times per week. I am performing BB Cycles on the Olympic Lifts and Powerlifts after main sets.

Right now my goals are to get my Olympic lifts and Powerlifts as high as possible. In December, I will turn all of my training to anaerobic conditioning to prepare for the Grid next year. I also plan on competing in Olympic lifting and Powerlifting later this year.

This type of plan should work to prepare someone for Powerlifting and/or Olympic weightlifting. With the added work that I just mentioned, it will easily prepare a strength specialist for the Grid. I am going to post my workout in detail by the end of the week. I think that you all will love it.

Before you all freak out and start telling me why it’s a crazy idea, I have watched other great powerlifters use similar plans to add hundreds of pounds to their squats. “Adaptation” is something that we should all look closer at before screaming “recovery”. I totally get recovery, but don’t set limits on programs. Just because you have always performed 2 squats per week, doesn’t make that the only program in the world.

I don’t care if you are 50-years-old, you should always be in search of something better. If your quest of knowledge has run its course, it is time to retire. I am always going to be in search of something better. My athletes deserve that from me, and they are going to get it. My program this year is totally different from last year, and I expect next year to be the same.

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