Open Doors Christian Coaching: Helping Children at Risk

Yesterday I posted a link to help start a Kids at Risk Program: Below is a blog by Sam Holmes, my partner in all of this. This will give you more insight in to what we are doing.


In 2013 I began to think a lot about the direction of my life and work. The more I thought (and prayed), the more I felt as though my time as a youth pastor was actually coming to an end. For a few months leading up to 2013 and into the beginning of the year, I had been brainstorming of ways to earn income from another source while still doing youth ministry for free. Later, I realized that I was supposed to step out of church ministry but I had no clue what direction God was leading me in, other than I felt as though I should take my talents and skills outside the church in order to better use all God has given me.

Another interesting thing was beginning to take place early in 2013 as well. The more time I spent at my gym Mash Elite Performance and the more time I spent with my friend, Travis Mash, the more I began to feel a part of the family there and feel as though my future with interlocked with what was going on there. Sometime in summer of 2013, Travis and I started talking about non-profit work. Travis had been dreaming of doing something significant for children and teens who really need positive influence in their lives. Since I had an idea of what direction I was supposed to move in, I told Travis that I would love to partner with him to accomplish this dream. Thus, the brainstorming began and after some long talks on our car ride to Charlotte every week, Open Doors Christian Coaching Inc. (ODCC) was what came forth.


Travis and I are not forming ODCC just to have something to do on the side. We both believe that our community needs what we have to offer. We know there are teens living in tough situations. Some have already been labeled and kicked out of the educational system. We want that to change. We want to open doors for these youth to begin to see and walk in their God-given potential. So how are we going to do that? Here is a quick list of things we know so far about ODCC-

1) ODCC will be a place where young people can come to be encouraged and receive the love that will nourish them and grow their self-esteem.

2) Once they are with us, these youth will receive outstanding coaching in sport and athletic performance and weightlifting. We will teach them how to be strong and how to push their limits.

3) We recognize that this world demands much more than just physical strength. So we will provide opportunity for them to develop in other areas as well. We want for them to learn what good character looks like and how to prepare to live out the dreams they all have within. So we will teach character development, goal setting, and life planning.

4) Travis and I also know we would not be where we are now without our faith, so we will help these youth understand what it means to live for something greater than themselves.

5) And when we have done all we can, our hope is that those who have benefitted from what we offer will take it and impact someone else in the same way we have impacted them.

This is much bigger than two guys with a dream. There is so much to do and so many people who need what we will offer. So we need help. We need your help. At the end of this post I will share with you some ways you can partner with us, and I hope you will consider them.

In the short term, ODCC will be hosted by Mash Elite Performance (MEP). Mash Elite will provide the venue as well as the strength coaches. I will be our main character coach, doing most of the mentoring and teaching in areas outside the strength arena. We will go into the school system to look for those who are in need of what we will offer, also recognizing that some of those who need ODCC the most will be somewhere other than school. We will partner with other non-profits to find as many of those teens as we can.

Eventually we will need to be as close to these kids as possible. So we will need a location in more urban settings than where the host gym is currently located. This is a work that could easily grow into a state-wide and even nation-wide organization, so we refuse to limit our dreams. Multiple locations will eventually exist, so we will also need more staff as the organization (and the need) grows as well.

Currently there are 2 ways in which we would ask for your partnership.

1) We need prayers and encouragement. We believe God hears us, and we believe he hears you as well. Please pray for doors to be opened for youth to be impacted in a great way.

2) Like any start-up, we need funds. We want to launch as soon as possible. The following link is for our initial campaign. (

Mt. 7:7-8 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

To partner with us on this venture, click on this link:

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