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3/17/2014 blog

Amazing things are happening in regards to Open Doors Christian Coaching right now. Last week I met with a friend who is doing character development on a pretty large scale in one of the counties we want to work in. Talking with him reaffirmed how strongly our presence is needed in our area. There is such a huge need for positive influence in the lives of young people that we cannot wait any longer to jump in and help. Open Doors will definitely partner with organizations who share our values and are already working to accomplish things we exist to accomplish as well. When it comes to helping people, it’s always better to partner with people already doing the work, as long as they are doing it well because the impact will be immediate and partnering expands reach as well.

One awesome benefit to partnering with this group is that many of the students in the program are heavily saturated by sport culture. What this means is that most of them will automatically want to be a part of the training side of Open Doors.

This week I will be going with my friend to a local high school to see what he has going on and to meet some of the students participating in this program. This step could be one of the initial steps to putting motion to the mission of Open Doors, and I am very excited.

But this also brings up a huge need. Once I begin to create relationships with students and they learn about what we offer, we will need a space for these young people to come to and train. We want to be close to them to be as accessible as possible for those who cannot afford to drive more than a couple minutes to get to us.

We are being strategic about looking for a place, but we definitely have a sense of urgency at this point. If we have a place in next 2-3 months we will be able to be fully operational, impacting young people from multiple middle and high schools.

Please consider partnering with us. We know this is what we are supposed to do, but we definitely need help. Your donation will help us move toward getting a facility and, in time, hiring like-minded team members to help us open doors to a better life for kids who absolutely need positive influence.

Visit to donate.

Opening Doors 2014

Sam Holmes

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