Monday – January 30th, 2017

Don’s letting me slowly increase the weights on things each week until my next doctors appointment. As long as things are looking and feeling good with my ankle. This week, I get to do 35kgs for everything! No more training plates. Yay. This is a hard process, but I know my comeback is going to be fun. I’m keeping myself as strong as I possibly can while sticking to my surgeons protocols. I cannot wait to train hard again, trying to take it day by day.

  • No Feet Power Cleans from Blocks 35kg 30×3
  • 1 leg squats 5x10e
  • Back Bro Session
    • Pullups 4×8
    • Band Lat Pull Downs 5x10e +
      • Straight arm Band lat pulldowns 5×10
    • Hyper Extensions + KB Batwing row 5×10
    • Plate flex/ext + Plate Row 5×10+10 15kgs
      • These last two are becoming two of my favorite accessory movements for my back. I’m excited to see how all this extra back work will carry over to my front squats and cleans. The plate flex/ext really do a great job at getting deep into the upper back muscles and hitting the rhomboids and rear delts, while teaching the back muscles how to be strong in a proper spine position.
  • Lunges 125

Days Until my Next Doc apt: 28

Body weight: 62.5kgs

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