Monday – January 2, 2017

1st Training Session of 2017!

Oly Work

  • Kneeling Snatch + BTN press 10×3+3 39kg
  • Kneeling Snatch Shrugs 5×10 85kg
  • Kneeling Squats 5×10 110kg

Bro Session – Shoulders

  • DB Shoulder Press – 5×10 30lbs
  • DB Clean and Press 5×10 10lbs
  • DB Lateral Shoulder Raise 5×10 10lbs
  • DB Bent Over Delt Flys 5×15 10lbs
  • Bottoms up KB Z press 5x5e 20lbs

Bodyweight: 63.3Kg

Days Until I start walking : 15

Kneeling snatches felt great today! Up a couple of kilos again from last week, and they felt much more snappy and crisp this week. Plus I added in the BTN press, so I got in a lot of good work. Learning the difference between being focused and thinking. You have ZERO time to think during this movement, but they require ton’s of focus. Doing even the tiniest thing wrong really shows. Learning focus, precision, and getting the hips nice and fast.

The kneeling squat surprisingly give my legs a decent amount of work. My butt was burning by the 3rd set, and I’m sure I’ll feel them in my quads a bit tomorrow. My upper body is starting to get super swoll. As fun as all this bro work is, I can’t wait to be actually lifting again. Trying my best to be patient and to make it through another week without any major breakdowns.

Happy 2017! Ready for a year filled with rehab and frustration. It’s only going to make me stronger.

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