Max Out Friday February 17, 2017

It’s weird the cycles you go through when you’re training. A couple of months ago I was having a terrible time at both of the jobs I was working and my training was in the toilet. Fast forward two training blocks plus two new jobs and I’m on the verge of a break through on the platform. Really the only difference in my life is that not only am I happy with the kind of work that I’m doing, but I feel like I have a purpose. This is a trend that usually shows up in my training. I know some people can block out the bad things that happen outside the gym and still train well, but that’s not me. For me if life is falling apart outside the gym it’ll show up inside the gym too. Right now that’s not the case though, life is pretty good and training is pretty good too. Anyways on to the workout for the day.

Snatch + Hang Snatch: The hang snatch is by far one of my worst lifts. I don’t know what it is about it, but that lift is not a good one for me. I think my best ever is 77 or 78, compared to 91 off of the deck. This trend didn’t end today, my lifts felt fast it just wasn’t the day. I hit 80 a few times but I couldn’t quite hold the second rep to get the hang snatch PR.

Clean + Hang Clean + Jerk: I hit a sketchy complex at 105 (I’m counting it even if the jerk was iffy). I’m 99% sure that the 105 hang clean was a hang PR.

Clean and Jerk: I hit an EASY 110, then missed the jerk twice at 115. Tomorrow instead of doing regular presses I’m going to do them from the split being very stringent about the technique. I might also do some really heavy jerk dips because I need to step my game up in the jerk and start making them.

KB Swings: 4×12 with 32kg

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