Let’s Learn Together

Let’s Learn Together

A lot of you know that we are hosting the Mash Strength Spectacular Saturday September 2nd on my family farm, Rolling Hills Farm in Mocksville, NC. There is one cool aspect that we are adding to the event. Saturday night after the event is over, I am going to hang out with any of you that want to stay around. We are going to hang out and have some fun. I will be answering any questions that you guys and gals have:

• Weightlifting
• Powerlifting
• Strength and Conditioning
• Functional Fitness
• Programming
• Business
• Family
• Time Management
• Faith
• Whatever you want

This is going to be a dry run for something that I want to do ongoing for select people. It’s something that Chris Moore and I discussed two years ago. I am going to lay it out for Free just to see how it goes. This won’t be a structured seminar or mastermind. This is simply going to be time spent with people that love the barbell and hopefully love what we are doing. I want to know the things that I can help you guys with.

When coaches perform seminars or masterminds, they are just guessing as far as what the people actually want to hear. Yes it’s an educated guess, but I want to answer the exact questions in a laid back and non-threatening environment. What better place than a country farm after a day of slinging weights?

Here’s my question. Do you guys think that this something that you will enjoy? What are some of the questions that you want to ask? I am just excited to offer this. There will be some pretty cool people attending, so I hope that some of them will hang out as well. Not to sound too emotional, but I just want to do life with some of you. I want to know as many people that love the barbell and follow what we do as possible. This is going to be where it all starts.

See you there!

P.S. Post any questions or comments below, so I can get an idea of what to expect.

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