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Below is a blog written by my friend Preacher Sam. Sam is my partner in a non-profit organization that we are starting called Open Doors Christian Coaching. After watching my friend Lisa G suffer in her battle with cancer, my priorities have been redirected back towards Christ, my wife, my daughter, my Baby Mash to come, my family, my Mash Family, and Open Doors. It is such a great way to affect young people, bring God glory, and help change the world one community at a time. I hope that you will read these weekly blogs, and with your prayers, contributions, and help, we can bring Open Doors to the world. Thank you!

Preacher Sam writes:

At ODCC we believe that youth from every type of background should have the opportunity to live life to its fullest potential. Whether that means being playing a sport at the collegiate level, going the Olympics, developing options for a great career path, or being the first person in a family to go to and graduate from college, we want to open the doors to all those options by providing a safe place for them to grow into individuals who can accomplish anything they can dream.

We also recognize that today’s youth do not always have a place to go or a person to turn to for guidance in these areas. So our goal at ODCC is to open a facility for youth to receive coaching in sport and athletic performance as well as in character and career path development. Our coaching staff will be made up of individuals who are deeply invested in the lives of each person who comes through our doors.

We are a Christ-centered organization because we fully believe that with Christ, all things are possible. And because we believe that, we refuse to accept that there are youth within our reach who have no hope. Not all kids are born to be Olympians, but we acknowledge that all kids are born to be great at being themselves. Our biggest goal is for them to become who they were born to be, and we believe that knowing who Jesus is will provide a platform for them to find their identity.

One of the avenues we will use to develop youth as well as provide coaches is through our weightlifting team. A diverse group of individuals has come together to make up the Mash Mafia, and we will use each person’s talent to help the youth who come through our doors. This weightlifting team has amazing potential so one other goal for our program is to provide funding for equipment and travel expenses for meets for the team.

In our first year we will partner with Mash Elite to provide a facility for youth to begin to train via scholarship and receive both athletic and life coaching from our staff. We will have one full-time coach who will both supervise training in our host gym and also provide time with each student individually to help them create goals for their lives.

We see clearly where we are headed as an organization; now it is time to begin to walk even further down the path. Will you join with us in this journey?

To donate please visit gofundme.com/opendoorscc

For more information email opendoorschristiancoaching@gmail.com

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