Learning How to Learn – The Barbell Life 307

I write often on this site about training to make our bodies stronger and fitter.

But on this podcast, we talk about a subject I rarely speak on: training our minds.

I recently went back to school to get my PhD, and the amount of learning I had to take on was enough that I contemplated quitting on more than one occasion. But instead, I developed some strategies, read some material, and learned a lot about how to learn.

And of course everything I’m learning about the way the brain works is just going to help me refine the training of my athletes. Monitoring brain patterns during their training is something I’m eager to try out more and more soon.

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  • The most important thing to do in the morning to create the chemical balance your brain needs to learn
  • Using cinnamon as a “cheat” in a test?
  • The power of the Omegawave
  • Stress and the athlete
  • The subconscious mind and how sleep rewires our brains
  • and more…

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