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Off Day Thank God! We made it to our rest day guys! I recommend doing a few empty bar complexes, mobility work, and stretch!

I love the sport of weightlifting. I believe that in the next few years we will see medals in America, and I believe the sport will surge in popularity. Here are a few of my reasons why:

1. Social Media! YouTube is showing the world how exciting the sport really is. Guys Weightlifters are hurling hundreds of pounds/kilos above their heads at speeds unimaginable. Weights that most people can’t even roll on the ground. Guys like Donnie Shankle, Jon North, and Kendrick Farris are becoming legends.

2. CrossFit! Thank God for CrossFit because they are introducing the world to all of the barbell movements. Now when I talk about the Snatch people don’t think that I’m telling a bad joke.

3. Entrepreneurial Minded People and Companies! Capitalism breeds excitement! Guys like Jon North, Glenn Pendlay, and Spencer Arnold are taking Weightlifting on the road showing the world their passion for the sport. If you are around Jon North for one minute, you will fall in love with the sport. Companies like Muscle Driver USA are taking their own money and putting it in the sport.

4. Pioneers like Greg Everett! This guy had the guts to put his own money into making a documentary all about the sport. There are young guys in the sport right now willing to put their time and money in the sport to bring it to the world. I thank God that I’m a small part of that. Check out “American Weightlifting” coming out next month!

5. No Politics! If you can lift the weight, you win! No one can tell you that you are too small or too tall! It’s a wonderful sport with a big carrot: The Olympics Baby! If you have the genetics, the heart, and the work ethic, you Win!

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