Here’s How Harrison Maurus Just Made History

Folks, history has been made.

On today’s podcast we talked to my friend Coach Kevin Simons and his phenomenal athlete Harrison Maurus. Most of you probably know that Harrison just made weightlifting history last week – winning the first medal for the US men’s team in a Senior World Championships in twenty years, and he’s only a youth lifter. Are you kidding me? He also broke a youth world record in the clean and jerk of 193kg and eight total American Records. Not bad for a day’s work!

Photo Credit: Joseph McCray, LiftingLife/USA Weightlifting

Harrison’s coach, Kevin Simons, has used science and the love for his athlete to bring Harrison along in a holistic approach. He focuses on technique, muscular balance, and recovery to make sure Harrison improves at a steady pace while staying injury free. However, he uses a special weapon to quantify his decisions. Kevin created a spreadsheet that pretty much quantifies every aspect of Harrison’s training: total volume, k-value, average intensity, and so much more.

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This was such an amazing podcast. It’s probably one you’ll want to listen to a few times. Give it a listen:

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