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Eze Onwurah is the top coach at Mash Elite Performance. He has been with me for over four years. He is like my son. Born in Nigeria, Eze has lived a very different life than most of us. I am often amazed at what a great man that Eze has grown into.

A lot of you know him as the jacked guy in the videos saying, “Follow @Ezetheboss!” But he is so much more! I am encouraging all of my athletes to write blogs, so you all can see them for who they really are. I have an amazing group, and I want you guys to know them like I do. I love them, and so will you.

Here is Eze’s first blog:

The joy of The Lord is my strength. This is one of my best mottos in life. Growing up in Nigeria; life was not easy. I remember seeing people burnt alive on the street and people being shot at. I saw some of these things when I was about 8 years old. That is something a kid should never see. But I thank God for my mother, who never stopped telling me about my Heavenly Father. She had a poster in the house that said “the joy of The Lord is my strength” and she made sure me and my sisters understood this message. Just these simple words made me have hope and kept me from being depressed because I knew that The Lord never left my side. He will always be my strength and I’m not leaving Him either (No freaking way).


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