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I’m really excited you guys are going to get the chance to listen to a coach I have so much respect for. I’ve already written about how great of a coach Kevin Doherty is and now you’ll be able to listen to him talk about creating and coaching the largest barbell club in the United States.

Without a doubt, Kevin is a master at what he does. He’s one of the best meet coaches I’ve ever met and only wants the best for his athletes on and off the platform. I’ve said it multiple times, but that’s a huge part of what makes a great coach.

Now you’ll get the opportunity to learn from him and possibly duplicate what he’s done in California with Hassle Free Barbell.


A Meet Coach Master

Some of the best lifters in the country have come out of Kevin’s club. There’s no denying that Kevin is a phenomenal teacher of the lifts. What Kevin excels at, I believe, is meet coaching.

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Kevin spends hours going over rankings, qualification charts for World teams and stipend charts so he knows exactly what his athletes need to hit on the platform to reach their goals. He’s also so good at managing his athletes at meets. You think coaching one or two athletes at the same time is difficult? Kevin will coach a dozen athletes in a single session. I’m so glad to have got Kevin on this podcast because I even learned some things from Kevin that I didn’t even think about when it comes to managing multiple athletes.

We’ll get into all of what makes Kevin such a pro at what he does on today’s show.



Listen in to today’s podcast as we talk about:

  • – How Kevin started Hassle Free Barbell from ground up and grew it into the largest barbell club in the country
  • – Coaching and managing a ton of young athletes
  • – The importance of building relationships within the sport
  • – Coaching at meets and managing lots of athletes at competitions
  • – Brilliant meet coaching strategies that blew Travis’s mind
  • – His issues with current USA Weightlifting policies
  • – and much more.

Take a Listen Here:

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