Weightlifting and Beauty Pageants with Sarah Davies – The Barbell Life 189

This young woman has risen to become one of (if not the) best female weightlifters in Great Britain and one of the top lifters in the World. She also happens to compete in beauty pageants too. Yes, that’s right–she lifts and she’s a beauty queen. But don’t let that fool you. As you’ll soon learn, it takes as just as much guts, hard work, and dedication to get out there and compete in a beauty pageant as it does at the Weightlifting World Championships.

On today’s episode, you’ll get to meet this incredibly confident, intelligent and strong woman who’s showing everyone that women can be smart, strong, athletic, beautiful, muscular, elegant, and brave all at the same time.  We’ll chat with Sarah Davies (@sarahd_gb) about how she started her career as a weightlifter and competing at the international level, all while still doing beauty pageants.

You’ll also find out how Sarah handles the criticism she gets about lifting weights and her body. It’s unbelievable to say that as impressive an athlete and awesome person as Sarah is, she has still had to face senseless bullying her entire life. Well, my hat is off to Ms. Sarah Davies for doing it her way despite what some people would think. This episode is going to inspire you and make you feel so empowered. I even felt that way after talking to Ms. Davies and I know the crew did too so I can’t wait for you guys to listen.

Thanks for being on our show Sarah and I look forward to more in the future.

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  • Sarah’s history as an athlete
  • How she rose to become a World-class Weightlifter for Great Britain
  • Her current training and competition goals
  • Developing confidence on and off the platform
  • Bullying and the criticisms she’s faced competing in both Olympic Weightlifting and beauty pageants
  • Why she got into beauty pageants and continues to do them
  • The differences between competing in Weightlifting meets versus beauty pageants
  • and more

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