Mass Gaining Protocols with Dr. Pat Davidson – The Barbell Life 214

Dr. Pat Davidson is an exercise physiologist, a trainer of trainers, an author, a former Strongman competitor, and an expert at getting you jacked.

I had never talked with him before, but he came highly recommended as a podcast guest. Now I can see why. I was blown away and took pages of notes.

His approach is so simple, yet it can give coaches so much to work with. You can see there is a lot of thought behind the way he varies his programming day to day. I really loved his concept of stress bombs and his insane 20/40 workout (you’ll have to listen to hear that beast explained).

Not to mention as an exercise physiologist he also knows a ton about movement – and don’t worry, we get to that too.

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Hypertrophy for Strength, Performance, and Aesthetics.

World champion and world-class coach Travis Mash has combined the latest research with his decades of practical experience to bring you an amazing resource on muscle hypertrophy.



  • An exercise that works like a steroid shot at the beginning of the week?
  • Why lots of movement gurus drive him insane
  • The only business model that works for him in New York
  • Changing the program by changing the way your approach reps
  • The power of 20/40 (This is insane!)
  • and more…

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