Crystal McCullough – Last week of 2016 and this training cycle

Warning: A little bit longer due to the whole week being logged in one post!

The last week of 2016 was also the last week of this training cycle for me. We cut it off at week 10 since I don’t have a meet until April. The new longer training cycle begins Monday and will lead straight into my meet on April 8.

I went out with a bang on this training cycle!! In 10 weeks, we saw increases in both my squat (15k/33#) and deadlift (2.3k/5#) and now consistently hitting 93%+ on my most inconsistent lift, bench press.

We trained both Monday and Friday at the Mash Compound! There is something special (for me) about training at the Mash Compound. I love the energy of my gym (CrossFit Haymount) and the push and encouragement my athletes give each other. They set PRs every time we test. I hope that I play a small part in encouraging and pushing them to be better and I hope my athletes feel an inkling of what I do when I’m being pushed by MY Coach.

Monday 12/26/2016

Back Squat – LOW BAR

Percentages/reps went up from last week.

Worked up to 93% and hit the following based off 141k/310#:

93% 2×1 (132k/290#)

95% 2×1 (134k/295#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Went 142k and then 2k PR at 143k

Then 78% 2×3 2 second speed pause squats (111k/245#). There was a time in the near past this was my 3rm!!

Deadlift Competition Stance

Percentages/reps went up from last week here as well.

Worked up to 85% and hit the following based off 161k/355#:

85% 1×2 (136k/300#)

90% 1×2 (145k/320#)

93% 1×2 (150k/330#)

95% 1×1 (154k/340#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Felt pretty good, so attempted a PR at 360#. Just couldn’t get it past my sticking point.

Superset this with Box Jumps (focusing on height and strong landing at parallel). 4×2 on 24” box

GHDs (Back Extensions!!) for 4×5 and BW lunges x100m on the menu for accessory work.


Tuesday 12/27/2016

Front Squat w/ belt 10 second pause RPE7

I was able to get 10# more than last week and still maintain a relatively true RPE7. Hit 93k/205# as top set

Bench Press

Worked up to 93% and hit the following based off 80k/175#:

93% 2×1 (74k/162#)

95% 2×1 (75.5k/166#)

And then work up if feeling good!! Sets felt good, but didn’t feel like I had any more on this day. Still working on consistency with this new set up.

Then, 85% for max reps. 67k/148#x5 reps (all paused)

I need more chains!!! Program called for 75# of chains for accessory work with close grip floor press. Ended up not using anything other than the bar for 3rm then -15% for 3×3 (last set 3+). Top set was 67k/147.2# with down set at 57k/125# ending with 10 reps on final set.

Chest supported KB bat wing rows w/2 second pause at the top for 3×10 w/30#KBs

KB staggered carries (OH and Farmer) for 3x40yd each way w/30#KBs


Wednesday 12/28/2016 (very early morning training day!!)

High Bar Back Squat

3RM at RPE8, then downset at 90% of top weight for 2×3

Worked up to 116k/255# which is 10# more than last week, and hit downsets at 104.5k/230#

Squat Bottoms

Travis Mash original!! 3rm then 90% for 3

Worked up to 107k/235# which is 5# more than last week, and hit downsets at 95k/210#

Wide Good Mornings 3×5 with 145# (10# more than last week)

Sled drags forward and backward for 2x60seconds each way w/e-sled plus 65#

In the PM, I joined one of my classes and did the class workout.

Strength was a 1rm weighted pull-up. I was able to work up to 55# which I believe is a PR!!

Then I did the conditioning piece.


Thursday 12/29/2016

Speed Bench w/alternate grip (CG) with bands

35%+bands 3×3 (61#+bands)

45%+bands 3×3 (80#+bands)

55%+bands 2×2 (96#+bands)

3×1 working up 120#+bands, 130#+bands, 135#+bands(fail)

There is that moment when the bands kick in and your brain says oh bleep


Plate Front Raises 3×10 w/10# each arm

Horizontal BW Rows w/feet elevated 3x submaximal (10/8/8)

Lying DB External Rotation 3×10 ea arm w/10# DB


Friday 12/30/2016

Another day at the Mash Compound!!!

Percentage work was higher because I had to base it off the PR I hit on Monday. Needless to say, I was a little scared. Lol

Back Squat (LOW BAR)

Worked up to 80% and hit the following based off 143k/315#:

85% 1×2 (122k/268#)

90% 1×2 (129k/284#)

93% 1×2 (133k/293#)

95% 1×1 (136k/299#)

Work up if feeling good! Hit 141k/310#, then 2k PR at 145k/319#.

Failed at 150k/330#. It will be mine SOON!!!

Then 83% for max reps. 120k/264# for 7 reps which is the most I’ve done at that weight!


Max Effort Deadlift off 4” blocks

1rm then 85% of that for a set of 3

Worked my way up to 161k/355# successfully and got overzealous and went for 170k/375# and failed.

BB Hip Thrusts w/band at knees for 3×10 w/49k

Side Planks w/banded row for 3×20 seconds each side


Saturday 12/31/2016

New Year’s EVE!! Trained in the garage of teammates Frank and Meg!! Frank has been helping me with cueing and setup on my bench press.

Max Effort Bench Press w/slingshot


Worked my way up to 93k/205#. The lift was successful but my butt came slightly off the bench.

Bench Press (no ss) Competition grip

Percentage work based off 80k/175# (percentages the same, but reps are higher than last time):

85%x5 (67k/148#)

90%x3 (72k/158#)

93% x AMAP (74k/163#) for 2 reps

Banded pushdowns 3×20 with doubled up light bands

Preacher curls 3×10 w/curl bar plus 10k

Rows (was supposed to be seated, but Frank and Meg have a really cool football/multipurpose bar) so I did bent over rows with it. 3×10

2016 is a wrap!!! Here is to 2017 and hitting some massive goals!!!







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