Complexity of the Human Body – The Barbell Life 397

I put together a presentation that explains the complexity of the human body. This is my way of teaching you guys that absolutes are rarely a good thing. Too many people are picking one aspect of the human body to explain any problem or deficiency.



Today’s podcast is filled with nuggets like:

  • Mechanisms for ACL Injury
  • Mechanisms for Tendon Injury
  • How to prevent ACL and Tendon Injuries
  • The reason why a Full Range of Motion is king
  • Organization of the body
  • Why physiology is important when it comes to micronutrients
  • Is Dr. Andy Galpin the smartest Professor in all Universities?
  • Dr. Keith Baar’s research on Tendons
  • Dr. Tim Hewett’s research on ACLs
  • What happens at the Neuromuscular Junction and more!

Check out the full presentation here!

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