Biomechanics and the Human Matrix with Zac Cupples – The Barbell Life 392

Listen to today’s episode of The Barbell Life Podcast as Coach Mash talks to Coach Zac Cupples, DPT and CSCS.

This episode promises to be informative regarding the Human Matrix and more:

  • Common sense approach to Biomechanics and Movement
  • The truth regarding the science behind the new age Breathing Movement
  • Physiological differences between Nose Breathing and Mouth Breathing
  • Why it’s important to increase one’s capacity to hold their breath
  • Relationship between breathing and sleep
  • Insight from 11-years of being a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach
  • Unique insight from working in the Hospital setting, Private, and even in the NBA.
  • Human Matrix Movement principles
  • How to improve dysfunctional movement back to physiological norms
  • Commonsense Approach to Assessment
  • Why you should check out and use code ‘HST10’
  • And more!


Instagram: @zaccupples

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