Athlete Monitoring with Cam Davidson – The Barbell Life 385

On this week’s episode of The Barbell Life Podcast, we are joined by fellow data nerd Coach Cam Davidson, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Coach Davidson is an amazing coach spending the majority of his coaching career at Penn State. Now, he enjoys working with the Division I Hockey Team at Colorado College and Division III football and other sports.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Heart Rate to determine performance potential measured with Catapult
  • Programming to avoid monotony based on the individual’s sports schedule
  • How the Lift should match the sports practice with intensity and volume
  • Using a Force Plate for Athlete Monitoring
  • Importance of Sleep and Hydration and how to monitor
  • Other ways to monitor athlete data
  • More importantly, the coach’s response to data
  • And more!!!

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