Tomorrow’s Workout 11/13/13

Day 3
Snatch from Box max 1, 85/2
Clean from Box max 1, 85/2
Front Squat Max 3 RM then -10%/3, and-20% for 2 sec pauses
Clean Pulls from Box 1×3 reps 105% ss GHDs

5 rounds for reps of:

30 sec. ME Burpees
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME KBS 32/24kg
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Ab-Mat Situps
30 sec. Rest


  1. Brehesner Montoya says

    My shoulder felt surprisingly great today. I was able to somewhat snatch for the first time since I injured my shoulder, which was a pleasant surprise, because I did not plan to snatch at all.Now I am beginning to tighten, or at least attempt to tighten my back at the start of all my lifts, which makes them easier than before even though i was lifting heavier weights.
    Max 1 Snatch off box =79.5kg. Missed 84 twice because I could not get the bar back due to the shoulder.
    Max 1 Clean= 111kg
    Max 3 Front squats= 125kg, with downsets of 112.7kg for 3, also 100kg for 3 paused for 2 seconds at the bottom.
    Clean pulls off the box= 125kg 3×3
    3 sets of Black burns, which are doing wonders for me, and abs.

  2. Scuba says

    Snatch off box: 90, 100 missx4, drop set at 76
    Clean off box: 120, 130 miss, drop set at 103
    Front squat triple: 130, no drop sets

    Rough day today

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