Notes to my Children Day 1

Notes to my Children Day 1


Ok I have wanted to start this new series of blogs for a long time, so here goes. I am 42-years-old now. I have two awesome children Bailey and Rock. Bailey is 15-years-old and Rock is 15-months-old. I love them so much. One of my biggest fears is dying and not being able to tell them everything that I have to tell them. This is not to be morbid or sad. I am not afraid of dying. I put my faith in Christ, so I am certain of what is to come.

This series is meant for my kids if something should ever happen to me. I thought that I would put my thoughts on here to hopefully encourage, teach, or brighten your day as well. It is a New Year so let’s begin the journey together.

Today is January 5th, 2016. Today has been an incredible day. Most all Tuesdays are amazing because I take Rock to gymnastics. Watching him laugh and smile as he runs around trying new feats is pure joy in my life. I love every second with my son.

Mistakes of my past never allow me complete joy because with every incredible moment spent with Rock, I am reminded of a beautiful little 15-year-old in Minnesota. Bailey lives with her mother in Cannon Falls, MN. I travel to see her at least quarterly, but all parents know that quarterly isn’t near enough. I would prefer to spend every second of every day with my wife and children if that were possible.

I haven’t always felt this way. My youth reflects the image of a selfish youngster determined to be the best at something no matter the cost or sacrifice. Bailey was a casualty of this mindset. Thanks to my first Mash Mafia Barbell Affiliate, Undisputed Strength and Conditioning, I get to see her on the regular now. There was about two years where I didn’t see her much at all. Those are two years that I will never get back. Those are two years that I never want Bailey or Rock to experience with their future children.

Here is my advice to them both. It is my prayer for them both. I want them both to put Christ first in their life. I want them to follow the Christ of the bible and not the words of any man. I want them to love the people around them. I want them to marry a person that feels the same way.

Most importantly, I want them to commit to that person as if they were making a covenant with God Himself because they are. That attitude will never allow for selfish decisions like divorce. I married Rock’s mother with this attitude. Rock is blessed to grow up in a home full of love. He will witness the way I love his mother, and I pray that he will love his wife even more someday.

I will have to spend my life in prayer that Bailey will come to this same conclusion about marriage, even though she didn’t see me loving her mother that way. I pray every day that Bailey’s heart will be filled with the love of Christ. That is the only thing that changed me.

I want Rock and Bailey to know that love is something that you do. It isn’t some fluffy feeling that society will try to define. Love is holding your wife at night while she takes Chemo Treatment and praying that God will heal her. Love is telling her that she is beautiful every day for the rest of your lives together. Love is being faithful. Love is saying you’re sorry.

Emily Drew, my wife, has the ability to make me feel like Donald Trump just by saying that she is proud of me. She makes me feel unbeatable like I could accomplish anything. Her respect is the most powerful thing on this earth. I hope that Bailey is that to her future husband.

I am excited to write this new series, and I hope that I can write some thoughts daily for the rest of my life. I just want my children to know all my thoughts. I wish that my father had left me all of his. My prayer is that these thoughts might be encouraging to all of you.

God Bless!



  1. Justin Cram says

    Travis, you always continue to impress me! I am new to finding about who you are and what you stand for. I started listening to your podcast around the time of your super meet that you put on. Since then, I have made sure to listen to almost every podcast that you have put out. I love the way that you want to love your children and be a godly example. I believe that you leading the way in praying for them will make all the difference in their life. As someone who had a father that I saw very rarely, I know that your daughter enjoys every time that you go see her. Expressing the desire to see her makes all the difference. I believe that Rock is going to live a great life as well. I appreciate you making this post public. You are an awesome guy and I believe that I would still listen to your podcast even if it had nothing to do with fitness, just because of the way you are. You inspire me each and every week! I would just like to say thank you!

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