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Unbelievable Day for Jon North & a Great Time

Yesterday was a great session for the team. Jon’s video will show how we have a unique blend of hard work, big lifts, and fun. This atmosphere makes us unique in my opinion. We simply have a great time at being the best in the world. I wish I knew how to duplicate it, but the truth is that it just happened. My prayer is that my love for my athletes shines all the way to heaven, and the atmosphere is simply a ray of sunshine from God.

Check out Jon’s Video:

In April, we will be together at the Attitude Nation Level II Camp in Woburn, MA at CrossFit Lando. Later that month I will be at CrossFit Broken Chains in Orlando, FL with Greg Nuckols. Guys we are all over the place: Long Island, Wilmington, Rhode Island, Minneapolis, New Mexico, Canada, San Antonio, and more, so go the to check them all out. For online coaching and to be a part of the team online, go to to sign up.

Open Doors Christian Coaching

At the end of 2013, I wasn’t sure that quitting my job to start a non-profit was a good idea. I have a wife and son to take care of, and not having a pay check definitely hinders that process.

I knew it was a big step. In fact, I knew it would be the biggest decision I would make for all of 2014.

You might be thinking, “That’s impossible because you don’t know what the future holds.”

True. But what I do know for sure is that the decision that is facing you right this minute is the most important decision that you’ll make this year.

And for me, taking a step into the unknown and starting Open Doors Christian Coaching was that decision.

Coming up with the idea for Open Doors Christian Coaching was no small task, and establishing it has not been easy either. But actually taking the steps to commit to being involved was extremely difficult.

I wasn’t sure if this would work. I’m still not 110% sure that it will succeed (just like any other mission based business or non-profit).

One thing I’m sure of: God is in control, and it is more important to risk failure going after what I feel like he wants than not doing what he wants for the sake of playing it safe.

Let me repeat that just to be clear.

I fully believe that going after what I believe God wants me to do is more important than playing it safe- even if what I do fails.

Because, in the end, my purpose is to glorify God. Obedience to his will and all that happens in that process brings him glory.

Whatever my role is in Open Doors Christian Coaching for however long it exists, I will do my best to glorify God in all that I do, all that I say, and in each decision made along the way.

This past month, with a lot of help from your donations, Open Doors Christian Coaching Inc. became a reality. We are now in the process of completing the business side of the organization and applying for tax exempt status. In the upcoming weeks we will be setting up meetings to see where we will best fit in our surrounding community as well as who we might be able to partner with to accomplish our mission and see our vision begin to unfold.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer. And if you would like to donate please visit our fundraising page at

If you would like to partner with us or would be interested in more information you can email me at

Tapering for the Arnold

Preacher Sam, here. As a rookie, this is the first real taper that I’ve experienced. I’ve heard Travis and Jon talk about tapers on Weightlifting Talk before, and I understood the importance of some of what they discussed, but this week I’ve seen and experienced it first hand.

Travis has done a great job explaining how and why the programming has been progressing up to this taper and what will begin to happen as we taper.

Now let’s discuss a couple extra things we all need to consider.

1.) It is time to begin to taper off straps if you use them. This may look different depending on how long you’ve been using straps or how many competitions you have under your belt. For me, this is my first training cycle using straps consistently, so it is taking my hands a little bit to readjust. A couple other lifters were fine after a couple sessions without them and are looking to hit big numbers in our last Max Out session. Even the champ, Jon North, has to work this into his taper to prepare himself.

2.) Another thing to consider in our taper is the use of clips. Whether you tend to use them on both snatch and clean and jerk or not, clips will be used on the day of competition. Jon North has talked a lot about how clips affect bar oscillation. For rookies like myself, this may be a minor adjustment since I’m not hitting big weights. But for those of you who are beginning to hit bigger numbers, the more weight on the bar, the more the bar will oscillate and the clips keep that weight tight causing even more oscillation.

These are just a couple things to consider as you taper. Next week we will begin to prepare both mentally and in training to be ready for the timing of the meet. Proper warmup, and warmup attempts can be the only circumstances within our control at a meet, so preparing for these will give us the best chance to do well.

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Road to the Arnold Taper and Wow!

4 Week March to the Arnold

We are four weeks out, and I couldn’t be happier with any of my team. They are all hitting PRs consistently each week, and the volume is through the roof. The next four weeks my guys will notice that the training sessions will look more and more like a competition. Here are a couple of things that I do to taper for a meet, and I must say that my taper works like magic.

1. First I use the squat to taper. I will drop the volume, but I will keep the intensity, so basically my guys will go heavy, but they won’t so a lot of reps and sets. This will allow their legs to be fresh for the extra Snatch and Clean & Jerk sessions. The cool things is that they will maintain the strength that they have worked for by going heavy.
2. Second I use assistance work to taper. Starting five weeks out, I will strip assistance work each and every week. The team will feel their shoulders, back, knees, and hips feeling like new. They just spent the last 8-10 weeks going through hell on earth, and now is the unveiling. Now we display our “masterpiece”.
3. Third I use recovery work to taper. We will increase the amount of soft tissue sessions, visits with the Chiropractor, and yoga sessions. I will make sure that hydration is maintained along with proper nutrition. I will do some one on one “PNF” sessions with the guys that require a little extra work.
4. The last thing to go is the volume of the lifts, and only the week of the meet will my lifters get a deload of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Then it is game on during the meet.

Check out this unbelievable video of our team:

This last month has been crazy at the Mash Compound, but we are excited about the changes. I love being the head coach of my Attitude Nation Mash Mafia Weightlifting Team. Jon is working harder than ever, and for only being back for a few weeks, he is killing it. Our team as a whole is getting better. Rabbit looks like that he is going to rock the 69k class this year, and we have some super recruits coming in after March.

We also have the addition of Coach Will Hall taking over as Head CrossFit Coach. I can’t begin to express how excited we are to have a guy who has been to the CrossFit Games as one of our coaches. Will is a guy who walks the walk and talks the talk. The guy is snatching 300lbs and clean & Jerking 375lbs as a CrossFitter guys! Wow!

I am more excited about Baby Mash than anything else. My wife Drew and I found out last week that we are expecting a child. We have been trying for two years, and we had just quit thinking about it. And then! Boom! Baby Mash is on the way. Look out world! I love my wife more than any man on earth loves their wife, but when I found out she was pregnant, I instantly fell even more in love. I just thank God for all the amazing blessings in my life.

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