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W2D5&6 1/13-14

On Wednesday my hip acted up and just couldn’t get in positions comfortably.  It continued on Thursday so I just did a lot of mobility stuff.

Friday was a little better, but my body just didn’t want to go into a squat so I just did powers.

  1. Sn Pull + Power Sn + Hang Power SN
    • 135lbs , 165, 195, 225, 245, 255 – Pull + Pow Sn, I missed the hang out front
  2. Power Cn + Hang Pow Cn + Jerk
    • 165, 225, 255, 285, 305, 315
  3. KB Swings with Bands around hips 4×12


Tightness in the hip again so I didn’t push it

  1. Back Squat 5×3 with 2 min rest @ 315lbs
  2. Strict Press
    • 205×3 2min rest then 185×5, 215×3 then 185×5, 225×3 then 185×5
  3. GHR paused in bottom and parallel 2sec each 4×8

I realized this was the first time I have back squatted since November.  Confidence and comfort are what I need to build this back up.  The weight didn’t feel heavy at all, just not comfortable till the last few sets.

W2D2 – Tues 1/10

Let’s go! Feeling good and moving well.

  1. 2 SG Push Press + 1 OHS
    • 50 , 70, 90, 105
  2. Sn from Blocks, bar at knee up to 88%
    • 100 3×3, 108 2×2, 115 1×2, 120 1×1
    • these went great. I actually was a little surprised
  3. Sn from High Blocks, bar at power position 3RM with a RPE of 8
    • 70,80,90 – probably would’ve had 100-105 easy but dialed it back
    • At first I laughed at how high the bar was, but then it moved quite well
  4. Front Squat w/belt paused 5sec, 1RM RPE of 7
    • 135lbs, 225lbs, 315lbs
    • light, really just moving the body
  5. OH Axel Carry 3x40yds
    • 125lbs, 215lbs, 305lbs


W2D1 Mon 1/9

I didn’t have too much time so I just did what I could.

  1. Jerk Steps from Split
    • 50kg x3 , 70kg 3×3
  2. Cn & J from blocks, bar at knee
    • 130 3×3, 140 2×2, 150 1×2+1, 155 1×1+1
    • no misses; the reps at 150+ actually felt better than the 130 and 140 sets
  3. No Hook Pow Cn from blocks
    • these felt so weird. Program called for me to start at 120×3 but it just wouldn’t budge. Added a hook and easy. Ended up lowering it and just getting some in.
    • 70×3, 90×3, 100×3,105×3 – easy but had to go train a client

Originally was going to get my squats in after but I was just too warmed down and super hungry.  Standing up cleans and jerking is feeling a lot heavier than these weights should be.  I know that from my squat being so down right now so I NEED to get those in.

W1D5 – Fri 1/6

Going in felt pretty tight and dead.  Big weights are a while away, especially since this month Max Out Fridays are going to be with complexes.


  1. Sn Pull + Sn + Hang Sn + OHS
    • 50/70/90/100/105/110
    • I stopped at 110. Heavy, tired, etc.  I stink at hangs so didn’t want to miss with the next.
  2. Cn + Hang Cn + FS + 2 Jerks
    • 70/100/120/130/135
    • Wow this one sucked the life out of me.  Even by 130 I was huffing and puffing.
  3. KB Swings with band around hips 4×12
    • I had never done these with the band and I really liked how it changed it

Snow storms came Friday night so got snowed in and didn’t lift Saturday.  Felt good to get have week one in the books.  Excited to see where this one goes.

W1D4 – Th 1/5

Body feels sore but in a good way.  Trained at night after all was done for the day.

  1. OH Squat up to 75% of Sn 3×5
    • 135lbs x3 / 185 x3 /225 3×5
  2. Unilateral Farmers Carry 3x40yds each
    • kept these light with only 115lbs, still building back
  3. Landmine Around the Worlds 3×8 each
  4. GHR to parallel, paused 2sec on top and bottom 3×8

When I got done I felt awesome.  It’s great to have that post training feeling again.  Nothing heavy or hard yet, but I’m happy to get my work capacity up again.  Going into tomorrow I am not expecting much for a Friday lift.  My attitude for this training cycle is going to be no misses.  I don’t need to hit anything heavy now, but I do need to cultivate that whole consistency thing.

New Year, New Program, and Back at It

Well it was nice to take some time off, but it’s time to get after it again.

Going into the American Open I had a handful of injuries.  First was a minor wrist tweak that happened 10 days prior to competition that made things in the front rack or overhead a little testy.  Nothing major, but really didn’t feel great.  Second, and quite a bit more serious, were muscle spasms in my lower back which happened 7 days out taking shoes off.  I’ve had these come 2-3x a year the past 4 years or so and luckily (I guess) know how to handle them and heal up better.  I hardly lifted competition week and did what I could on the platform- hey at least I got a total!

So with all that it was nice to take basically 4 weeks off from training.  The wrist is only occasionally tender and the back is still sore at times but fine.  In that time I maybe only lifted 4x and was just messing around.  I’m going to take my time easing into the program this first week.  No need to crush myself when I’m so out of shape.

These next 12 weeks I’m going to be tweaking the Mash Method program into a Big Man version. Us super heavyweights respond a little differently than the small folk, so I’m going to move a few things around, etc.  Anyway, here is how this week has gone so far.

Day 1- Mon 1/2

  1. Jerk Step from Split 50kgx3, 70kg 2×3
    • Hadn’t done these in months, timing a little off. They were light though so no prob
  2. C&J from Blocks bar @ knee
    • 120 2×3, 130 2×2, 140 1×2, 150 1×1
    • Multiple reps are my enemy and these felt heavy.  Considering I haven’t squatted in a month that makes sense. Still glad I made them all.

I ran out of time so had to stop before starting my next group coaching.

Day 2 – Tue 1/2

I only had about 30 minutes to lift, so I figured to get something in.

  1. Overhead carry w/axle bar 3x40yds
    • 115/205/295
  2. Band Pull Aparts x100 total

Day 3 – Wed 1/3

Finally got the full lift in.  I’m not going to be pushing it with squats just quite yet.  I’m going to let them climb up this first 4 week block.

  1. Front Squat 3RM with a 5:5:4 tempo plus a 10second hold at the top (yes all of that haha)
    • Bar x 3, 135lbs x 3, 185lb x 3, 235lbs x 3/2/2/2
    • I was feeling rather woozy with these so I stopped super light
  2. Push Press 5RM, -15% 2×5
    • 135/185/225/275 x 5 then 2352×5
  3. SG DL paused @ mid shin 3 sec on 1st 2 reps, 5RM, -10% 2×5 no pause
    • 135/225/275/305 x5 , then 275 2×5
  4. Ring Pushup/Bat Row paused 2 sec/ KB High Pull all 3×10

Feels good to be training again.  I’m going to let the weight climb up each week for the strength stuff.