Podcast with Wilkes and McCauley: Knowledge Explosions!

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Podcast with Wilkes and McCauley


Yesterday we recorded five awesome podcasts coming your way. Major podcast days drain me, but they are favorite days. I get to talk to interesting guests that I’ve picked out because they interest me. It’s like a day full of awesome college classes that you are interested in, and that actually apply to life. Now there is a concept.

One of my favorites yesterday was a podcast that I did with Coach Chris Wilkes, Coach Don McCauley, and Caine Wilkes. We reminisced the MDUSA days, talked about the future, and of course we talked weightlifting. I can’t believe how much that I learned in a one-hour podcast.


I am so blessed to be in the situation that I am in. Most of you have to buy books to get the information that I am allowed to hear out of experts’ mouths. It’s one of the true treasures of my career.

I found it fascinating to hear two coaches from two different backgrounds answer question in two totally different ways, then agree that the other was making good points. Then it was also interesting to hear Caine, front runner for the Olympic Games, comment how helpful two different insights can be to an athlete.

Here is what Caine means. Let’s take the Jerk for example. We discussed the Jerk yesterday, which seems to be universally the hardest part of the clean & jerk for most. We all agree that the goal is to have a vertical dip and drive. We all agree that the bar should be received with the head through, bar resting on the traps and back, back knee bent, and front shin almost vertical or slightly back. We also agree that the weight should be distributed equally on both legs. With that being said, here are two different takes:

Don McCauley- Don says to drive the back foot down after the dip and drive. If you look at slow motion video, most of the time the back foot will land first. If the lifter thinks about getting the back foot down, it will cause the front foot to get out in front in the optimal position. Once the back foot is driven into the ground, it literally pushes the lifter slightly forwards, which puts the bar in the optimal receiving position.

On another note, I have noticed this technique getting the lifter into a receiving position faster, and in a much more stable position. The back foot down will anchor the athlete into the ground. A stable catch is what most people are lacking.

Chris Wilkes- I was curious to get his take on things after watching his son Coard lift. Coard might possibly have the best jerk in weightlifting that is after Sean Rigsby. Chris teaches to really focus on the vertical dip and drive. He said that the lifter should be able to look down and see an imaginary line drawn in front of their toes before the dip and drive. Then after the catch is made, they should be able to look down and see the same line. He also teaches to practice landing both feet at the same time. It obviously works!

The coolest part of the podcast was seeing how well these two worked together and agree to disagree. They have both coached Olympians, so I’d say that speaks for itself. It’s a real advantage to have the different coaches working together. One cue might work for Caine, but another cue might work for Nathan. The goal is to keep trying until something works. The real result is landing massive PRs. Then you know it’s working.


After Monday, most of you know that we are all working together now on a project to change the face of weightlifting forever. I am going to be honest right now, and tell you that I am a little scared. Yes it’s confession time. I finished up a rough draft business plan and proposal, and I realize that the dreams I have are expensive. I also know that the plan can work, and we have a great foundation for something special.

When athletes go out to the Olympic Training Center, they have one coach. If your body structure and mindset matches that coach, then you are in luck. If not, then it’s not going to work. At Mash Elite Weightlifting, our athletes are going to have three International Coaches with three very different yet successful backgrounds. If structured properly, that’s a major win for athletes.

Not to mention, if we are going to have youth, junior, and senior teams, we need more than one coach. I will be honest in saying that I need help. Someone has to stabilize this team financially, and that is an expensive goal. Someone has to get our youth and “At Risk” programs off the ground. I will attempt to do both, but having coaches like Don and Chris take a lot of pressure off of me.

Right now, I am looking for partners. I need assistance growing this team. I also need financial assistance. We filed paperwork to make the team a 501c3 on Friday. I am not looking to get rich from this team, but I would like to leave this earth having changed the face of weightlifting forever. If you are interested in being a part of this team, email me at the email below:


Thanks for reading! If you have comments or questions, feel free to comment below.

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