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Tuesday February 21, 2017 Reload Week

To say I was moving slow today would be an understatement. That’s okay though, not everyday is going to be easy or feel amazing. On days like that you just have to put your head down and push through your reps.

Snatch Push Press + OHS:

  • Worked up to 72kg

Block Snatches:

  • 60kg for 2×3
  • 65kg for 1×2
  • 68kg for 2×1
  • 72kg for 1×1
  • 75kg for 1×1

Power Position Block Snatches:

  • 55kg for 3×3

Front Squat for 1rm with 5s pause:

  • 108kg for 1×1

I supersetted the front squats with face pulls and band pull aparts. I did three sets of ten for each exercise.

Snatch Pulls with 6s eccentric:

  • 85kg for 3×3

KB Snatch + SA Overhead Carry:

3 sets of 5 + 40yd carry each arm with a 40 pound kettlebell.


Monday February 20, 2017 Reload Week

This week is a little lighter to give my body a few days to recover from the beating its taken the past two weeks. I feel like the past eight weeks have been great for my lifting and next week I’m going to push my lifts to the limit and see what happens. In the mean time I’m going to try to make my light lifts look good and make sure my recovery is on point. A few things I do to optimize my recovery are stretching, my Compex unit, icing, and sleeping. I’ve tried epsom salt baths in the past and liked them it just isn’t something I’ve done lately. The Compex unit is something that I added just a couple of weeks ago, but so far I love it. I use the active recovery setting to help me bounce back from tough training sessions faster and the strength cycle in addition to my normal training. Anyways on to today’s training session.

Block Clean and Jerks:

  • 75kg 2×3
  • 80kg 1×2
  • 85kg 2×1
  • 92kg 1×1
  • 95kg 1×1

Block Power Cleans:

  • 75kg 2×3
  • 80kg 3×3

Back Squat:

  • 122kgx5 with the first rep paused for 1s and 104kg 1×8  The set at 122 felt pretty slow and heavy, so I called it there.

Deficit Pulls:

  • 104kg at 3×3

Deficit RDL’s:

  • 3×6 at 85kg

Training Log – Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 8 begins!! I cannot tell a lie. Legs still felt trashed from Saturday’s post workout conditioning fest. It’s my own fault. I asked for it. LOL. Back home in Fayetteville from a great weekend with the Mash family (and my two favorite boys – Wayne and Morgan, of course 🙂 ) and back to the daily grind.

High Bar Back Squat in 3 easy steps 🙂

  • Step 1 – 60% weight (170#) plus 25# band tension for 3×5 resting 60 seconds between sets
  • Step 2 – with bands, build to heavy double staying RPE 8-9. Built to 240#, no belt, which is 5# more than last week.

  • Step 3 – Remove bands 1rm staying RPE 8-9. Not sure how I pulled it off with the trashed legs, but hit 285#/129.5k, which is what I hit at Nationals, but the speed was much different. So much faster and not maximal this time! I wish I had a side by side comparison! My high bar is definitely quite a bit less than my low bar. It is coming along though!

Deadlifts 12×1 pausing at knee for 2 seconds (starting at 70% working up to <90%)

  • 250# – 255#- 260# – 265# – 275# – 280# – 285# – 290# – 295# – 305# – 310# – 320#
  • No Belt!! and no video 🙁 Thought I was recording, but I wasn’t. The 320# is the most I’ve done beltless, especially with any kind of pause!! It felt great!!! Guess you will have to take my word for it this week….

ss with Box jumps (focusing on height and landing at parallel) 3×3 20″

Accessory Work:

  • GHD 3×8 (back extensions)
  • BB rear leg elevated split squats 4×5 (RPE8) w/95#

Great start to the week. Hoping the legs don’t feel trashed all week!!

Monday – Feb 20th, 2017

Week 12 Post ankle surgery.

Nice little training session went down this Monday. I’m getting SO Anstey for my next doctors appointment. Pleaseeeeeeee just let me train hard!

  • High Block Power cleane 8×3 55kgs
    • These are the worlds most frustrating movement.
  • Single Leg squats 5x10e
    •  I was able to do some real pistol squats on my Right leg for the 1st time EVER. So that was pretty exciting. Mobility gains are happening.
  • Kang Squats 6×6 50kg

Back Bro-work

  • Pullups 8,8,7,7
  • Inverted rows 5×8 25lbs +
    • KB Bent over Row 5x6e 50lbs
  • Hyper Extensions 3×8+10sec 15kg
  • Sled Pulls 5x down and back 75kg

Days until my next Doc appointment : 1 week!

Bodyweight 61.5


Training Log – End of Week 7 at the Mash Compound

Finished up my Days 5 and 6 of Week 7 at the Mash Compound. I absolutely love when I get these 2 days up there! The energy, coaching, and camaraderie is the SHIZ!

Friday 1/17 DAY 5

Mash Method Squats – I have 2 days of high bar this training block, so this is my low bar day!

  • 2-6-2-6-2-6
  • Set 1: 88% (127k/279.4#) x 2 Rest 2 minutes 73% (106k/233.2#) x 6
  • Set 2: 132k/290.4# x 2 Rest 2 minutes 111k/244.2# x 6
  • Set 3: 138k/303.6# x 2 PR Rest 2 minutes 116k/255.2 x 6

The last set felt great!!! I have one more week of this rep scheme, so looking for 305+ for a double!


Deadlifts Max Effort 5rm off 8″ blocks – worked my way to 315#/143k with NO Belt, which is 10# more than last week. Where this bar sits is right at my sticking point. The start here is slow and then gets fast.

Accessory Work:

  • KB deadlift band hip extensions 3 x 1 minute w/40# KBs
  • Farmer Walk  3 x 30 yards w/70# KBs
  • Plank w/lat pull 3 x 30 seconds each side

Saturday 2/18 Day 6

Mash Method Bench Press

  • 2-6-2-6-2-6
  • Set 1: 88% (155#) x 2 Rest 2 minutes 73% (127.2#) x 6
  • Set 2: 165# x 2 Rest 2 minutes 137.2# x 6
  • Set 3: 172.2# x 2 PR Rest 2 minutes 147.2# x 6

I need to work on a definite pause when I get to this weight. The set 0f 6 has a better pause than the non-existent pause on my set of 2. :/

Accessory Work:

  • Nosebreakers (45#) 6×8 ss OH banded tricep extensions 6×15; resting 30 seconds b/t sets
  • Hammer Curls 3×10 w/20# DBs
  • Rows (Bent over BB w/75#) ss DB rear delt flies (15#) 3×10+10

Travis and I had a conversation at dinner a few weeks ago where I brought up Julien from StrongFit and how I would love to spend a week getting trained by him. Travis’ response was “no reason to go there, I could make you puke here.” I asked if he could speak to me in a French accent. 🙂 Saturday, he didn’t make me puke, but after my training session, he did put me through a conditioning piece with Carson Newman incoming Freshman football player, Matt. He had me do  a 10 minute AMRAP of: Sled push 40 yds, Bear Crawl 40 yds, Lunge 40 yds. Each time, he added a little more weight to the sled. I hit 3 rounds here. I rested 5 minutes and repeated. The sled was heavier!! I got 2 rounds plus 1/2 sled push on the second go around. My legs were smoked!! Loved it!!

Always enjoy our time up at the Compound!! Morgan is back to lifting as well after taking 3+ weeks off from training. He’s prepping for Youth Nationals in August.

Next meet: April 8

Current Weight: 72.4k


“Feels Good to be Back” Coach Mash’s Training Log 2/18/17

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Feels Good to be Back

I am going to be honest with all of you right now. This triceps recovery has been a lot tougher mentally than I thought it would be. After almost a year of barely training, I had just got back into shape. I was dreaming about competing, and feeling like myself again. Then out of the blue, bam no more triceps.

At 43-years-old it just shines light on the fact that I am getting old. I don’t know how many years that I have left to lift heavy. That’s scary to me. I have lifted heavy my entire life. It has been a major part of my identity. Sometimes it is like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I am sure that this is God’s way of showing me that my identity should be in Him. I get that, but it’s still hard for the human side to let go. I love lifting big weights. It makes me feel young to lift heavy. It’s exciting to be able to lift heavier than most of my young athletes. I say most since I coach Nathan Damron and Evan Rutledge. I don’t see me backing off from heavy weights, but I am going to redefine things a bit. I definitely want a mix of:

• Strength
• Mobility
• Conditioning
• Muscular balance
• Relative strength

Saturday was the first real workout that I have had in weeks. My main focus was back squat. The first challenge was figuring out how to hold the weight. My right elbow is patched with several staples, so I have to make sure that I don’t put a lot of pressure on the injury. I just put my hands out on the collars and held the bar with my traps mainly.

Here was the workout:

180k x 1
150k x 5
200k x 1
160k x 5
210k/462lb x 1
170k/374lb x 5

Things felt surprisingly good. I felt a little clumsy, but I figured it out by the last couple of sets. I can’t tell you how good it felt to squat. This injury has really made me appreciate every moment in the gym. I was shown how quickly that it can all be taken from me, so I am going to love every second that God gives me.

I finished out with some:

Belt Squat Goodmornings
Left arm DB Clean & Presses

I kept it pretty simple, but I will start ramping things up next week. I get my staples out Tuesday, and then in about another month, I can start working towards recovery. It’s going to be a process, but I hope to really pinpoint my future goals during this process.

Trials in life are simply a part of the process. I have always learned more from the trials than I ever have from the successes. That doesn’t mean that the trials are fun. They are not. Trials are painful. They hurt. You gotta keep your head down and eyes up. You have to remember that it is just a season. The key is to allow the trial to do its job. If you are wise, you will let the trial grow you as a human. You should come out the other end wiser than you were going into the trial. I am going to try and do just that.

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