Training and Mindset with NFL Punter Jake Schum – The Barbell Life 395

Tune in for today’s episode of The Barbell Life Podcast as we discuss training and mindset with NFL Punter Jake Schum. Let me warn you; he’s not the typical punter. Let’s just say that a punt returner might not want to break through the initial line of defenders.

Listen in now as we discuss:

  • Important Movements in the gym for Punting and why
  • How he started incorporating the Westside Barbell Conjugate Method
  • Strengthening the Low Back after injury
  • Biggest differences mentally and emotionally between College and Pro
  • What’s it like to go on a job interview every day?
  • The mental approach to punting in the NFL
  • Strength and Conditioning in college versus the NFL
  • Why is Westside the best side of Strength and Conditioning?

Listen in now!

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