The Journey to Weightlifting Excellence with Wes Barnett – The Barbell Life 394

Tune in to today’s episode of The Barbell Life Podcast as we speak with Coach Mash’s first weightlifting coach, two-time Olympian Wes Barnett, now the VP of Business Development at Thorne HealthTech.

Get ready for one of the best episodes to date as we discuss:

  • Playing Basketball and training for Weightlifting together
  • How did Weightlifting improve his basketball game? P.S. He was Mr. Basketball in Missouri
  • A slower development might be best as he only won one Junior Nationals
  • What happened when he found a way to train in Weightlifting and Basketball year-round?
  • What was it like to be one of the first group of six at the Olympic Training Center in December of 1990?
  • How his development in St. Joseph, MO, and Overland Park, Kansas prepared him for the volume at the OTC
  • The improvement he experienced when provided food, sports medicine, medical care, top-level facilities, competitive teammates, and a great coach.
  • What were the benefits of the Olympic Training Center?
  • Wes relives some of his fondest memories.
  • We discuss some interesting thoughts on Youth Development
  • His mindset towards his first Olympics in Barcelona versus his second in Atlanta
  • We take a close look at Sports Psychology
  • A culture shift towards winning versus just showing up at the Olympics
  • He gives us a close look at what it was like to qualify for the Olympics in his hometown of St. Joseph, MO, and the improvements he made from then until Atlanta, 1996
  • Why did his passion for quality sports supplementation take him to Thorne HealthTech?
  • What makes Thorne the choice of all serious drug-free athletes?
  • Check them out at

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