Stimuli – The Barbell Life 406

Finally, the Barbell Life Podcast is back. We are starting off this season with some information guaranteed to help all coaches and athletes. First, this season is brought to you by GymAware, the gold standard of velocity-based training, and all episodes are filmed and recorded in Rise Indoor Sports located in Advance, NC, also the new home of Mash Elite Weightlifting and Coach Travis Mash, Head of Sports Science.

This week we discuss:

Strength is Specific in Transfer (Chris Beardsley):

  • Muscle Group
  • The velocity of the repetition
  • External Resistance
  • Contraction mode (concentric, eccentric, isometric)
  • Range of Motion
  • Point of Strength Endurance Continuum
  • Force Vector

We also divulge some of the methods that we have used successfully to create some of the
most powerful athletes in the world. I hope you enjoy this episode, but more importantly, I
hope you can use the information. for all your VBT needs, and use Code ‘MASH5” to receive 5% off your
order. to take a look at Coach Mash’s new home.

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