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Introducing the Ultimate Strength Bundle: Elevate Your Training with 4 Exclusive eBooks!

Unlock the secrets to optimal strength training with our comprehensive bundle curated by world champion and elite coach, Travis Mash, along with esteemed experts Dr. Alex Koch and Dr. Keith Leiting. Packed with cutting-edge insights and practical applications, this bundle is your ticket to mastering the science and art of strength development.

  1. Strength PhD: Dive deep into the realms of muscle science, physics, and biomechanics with this virtual PhD class in strength. Unravel the complexities of athletic performance as theoretical concepts seamlessly merge with real-world applications. Bust myths, reinforce truths, and gain the confidence to program effectively, targeting key areas like musculature, nervous system, and connective tissue. With six meticulously designed programs, witness firsthand how these principles translate into tangible results for your athletes.
  2. Power of the Clean: Harness the power of clean lifting techniques under the guidance of Travis Mash and esteemed scholars. Explore the intersection of muscle science, physics, and biomechanics to propel your athletes towards newfound strength and speed. Uncover innovative ways to quantify and enhance performance, all while delving into six dynamic programs that serve as blueprints for success.
  3. Conjugate: Discover the fusion of Louie Simmons’s Westside Barbell strength principles with Olympic weightlifting, as interpreted by Travis Mash. Immerse yourself in a 13-week weightlifting program inspired by the legendary Westside Barbell methodology. Gain insights into where tradition meets innovation, with a methodical breakdown of Westside Barbell’s approach and its application in weightlifting. Plus, explore bonus content on integrating Westside methods into CrossFit training for a holistic approach to strength development.
  4. Do What You Want: Break free from conventional training paradigms with Travis Mash’s comprehensive guide to simultaneous discipline training. Navigate the intricacies of programming for multiple, and sometimes conflicting, athletic goals with ease. Featuring ten meticulously crafted 12-week programs spanning various strength disciplines, this resource offers over 250 pages of invaluable insights derived from experience and scientific research.

Transform your coaching approach and revolutionize athlete performance with our Ultimate Strength Bundle. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or a budding enthusiast, this bundle equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to unlock unparalleled strength gains and elevate athletic prowess.


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