External Resistance: Bands & Chains v. Straight Weight

Before we learn all about the pros and cons of bands and chains, we just dropped two brand new Programs:

==> SuperTotal: Strong and Sexy

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Only $35 for either of the 16-Week Programs during the two week Launch.

I will go over the details for each later in the article.

I enjoy creating my educational material for GymAware more than anything else I have done in my career. Yes, of course I love going to battle with my athletes and watching them succeed. However, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a fellow coach grow in his or her profession. I have been a coach since 1997, so I know how hard this profession can be. A good coach was put on this earth to serve others. Therefore, there is no other group of people that I would rather help.

One of my latest topics for GymAware was on “External Resistance: Bands & Chains v. Straight Weight”. I will lay out the bullet points shortly, but here are the links:


Louie Simmons, of Westside Barbell, popularized bands and chains in the strength and conditioning world. From the moment he first mentioned these new options for external resistance, coaches have been debating the effectiveness of utilizing these tools.

Here are some key points:

  • Bands and chains are going to out perform straight weight in the area of developing force at a high velocity (aka power)
  • Bands and chains are going to switch the joint angle where maximum force is exerted
  • Bands are going to add to the speed of the eccentric contraction creating a greater stretch shortening cycle
  • For powerlifters, you will need to spend the majority of competition prep with straight weight due to specificity
  • Chains are possibly a bit more specific to straight weight, so consider using chains in between bands and straight weight.

Let me know if you have any questions, just email me at: Travis@GymAware.com. Also, if you have any topics that you would like me to explore and expand upon, I am all ears.


Here is what to expect if you are considering one of my two new programs:


SuperTotal: Strong and Sexy

Finally, a SuperTotal Program designed to get you strong, powerful, and jacked. Here’s what to expect:

  • Peak all 5 movements in 16-weeks
  • Videos demonstrating all the major movements
  • Bands for rate coding and accentuated eccentrics
  • Velocity, RPE, and Percentages allowing you to choose your loading parameter
  • Isometrics to strengthen weak positions
  • Data automatically tracked
  • Daily readiness
  • Workout RPE for session impact
  • Educational items throughout added to maximize value and experience
  • and so much more!

Only $35 for either of the 16-Week Programs during the two week Launch.


Powerlifting: Tank Extreme Conjugate:

This program takes advantage of several stimuli all focused on increasing max absolute strength. For some of the specialty bars, we’ve made sure to provide substitutes, so that you should be able to follow this program with just a barbell and plates.

  • Velocity suggestions along with percentages and RPE, so you can choose your loading parameter
  • Isometrics for strengthening weak joint angles
  • Eccentric overloads for connective tissue and improved elasticity.
  • Videos demonstrating all the major movements
  • Bands
  • Chains
  • Flywheel with substitutes if needed.
  • Weight Releasers for Eccentric Overload and Potentiation
  • Added educational items to ensure a great experience.
  • I give alternative choices for everything, so all you actually need is a barbell and plates.

Only $35 for either of the 16-Week Programs during the two week Launch.

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