Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) with Tim Suchomel -The Barbell Life 404

Ok, we are back from a slight layoff for the holidays. We are starting 2023 out big with Episode 404, “Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) to Improve Power Production and Rate,” with my friend Dr. Tim Suchomel, Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Carroll University and Program Director for Master of Science in Sport Physiology and Performance Coaching, so all of you coaches and athletes out there that love getting the most cutting-edge research before everyone else is going to get precisely what you are after.

Here’s a glimpse at this nugget-loaded show:

  • Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) is all the craze, so now find out what the research is saying
  • Best practices for Weight Releasers, and one of my favorite methods, by the way
  • Improving an Athlete’s Rate of Force Development is what most Strength Coaches are after, and Dr. Suchomel will give you some research-backed ways to do just that
  • Using Dumbbells to Accentuate the Eccentric Load for Jumps and what the research says
  • His thoughts on Flywheels after performing the research
  • We go over all the ways to get athletes powerful and how to create that power as quickly as possible

I can think of a few instances where this information will come in handy, haha. This Professor is one of us, meaning he performs research and applies the findings to the athletes at his school. He’s in the trenches and slings barbells like the rest of us. You all should get to know this guy before the whole world realizes what a gem he is.

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