Youth Pan Ams 2016 and Coach Dennis Snethen

Youth Pan Ams 2016 and Coach Dennis Snethen

Well we made it to Guatemala last night at midnight. It was a little crazy due to a hotel switch and room shortage, but it worked out. Our team leader, Kerri Goodrich did a great job handling the switches.

For all of you that plan on attending a Pan Am Championships, you just have to be aware that things can and will happen. The best bet is to just go along with the flow. The warm-up rooms will be hot. The accommodations may or may not be what you are accustomed to, but just have fun and enjoy the experience.

I am rooming with Hall of Fame Coach Dennis Snethen, and you can believe that I am going to take notes. I have only had two short conversations with him, and I have already learned so much. This man has coached several Olympians including my first coach Wes Barnett. I am actually rooming with my coach’s coach. What an honor.

I will be giving you guys words of wisdom from him all week. Let’s start with coming prepared to a meet. Dennis brings with him:

• His own check scale in case the hotel doesn’t have one
• Chalk because the chalk in other countries might be of a different quality
• Rosin to keep the athletes from slipping on the platform
• Ice Bags
• Extra food
• Bottled water

He also brings Red Tape. I wasn’t sure what the tape was for, but he told me. The tape is for the athletes to establish a focal point. He will find a place in the venue to tape a huge red X to make things easier for his athletes.

Ok we are on the way to train for the first time. I will keep you guys posted as things develop. I am super excited to be the Head Coach for Team USA at this first International Competition of the 2020 Quad. Go Team USA!

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